Air compressor safety operation rules

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1. Purpose
In order to prevent accidents such as explosion, electric shock and mechanical injury of air compressors, this regulation is specially formulated.
2. Scope of application
Applicable to all air compressor equipment used by the company and its operators.
3. Responsibilities
3.1 The production department is responsible for the management of the air compressor equipment.
3.2 The use workshop is responsible for the use and daily maintenance of the air compressor equipment.
3.3 Operators should carefully read the operation instructions and this regulation, and operate in strict accordance with the regulations.
4. Safety Procedures
4.1 Before work
4.1.1 Observe general regulations for safe operation of pressure vessels.
4.1.2 Check before driving – whether the protective devices and safety accessories are in good condition, and check whether the lubricating surface of each place meets the requirements
standard. Do not drive if you do not meet the requirements.
4.2 At work
4.2.1 The external inspection of the gas storage tank and the pipe joint shall be carried out once a year. Detailed records shall be made, and the working pressure shall be indicated on the gas storage tank.
The next inspection date will be issued by a professional inspection unit.
4.2.2 The pressure of the safety valve shall be fixed according to the working pressure, and the automatic start-up test shall be done once a week and the calibration shall be carried out once a year, and sealed with lead.
4.2.3 When inspecting and repairing, care should be taken to prevent sawdust, iron filings, wipes, etc. from falling into the cylinder, air storage tank and conduit.
4.2.4 The parts cleaned with diesel oil must run without load for 10 minutes, and can only be put into normal work after there is no abnormal phenomenon.
4.2.5 The air storage tank shall be drained once per shift.
4.2.6 No repair work shall be carried out when the machine is in operation or the equipment is under pressure.
4.2.7 The pressure gauge should be calibrated once every six months. If the pointer cannot be returned to zero during use, the dial scale is unclear or the glass is broken
Broken, etc., should be replaced immediately.
4.2.8 If abnormal sound, smell, vibration or failure occurs during operation, stop the machine immediately and check it only after the inspection is completed.
4.2.9 Open the cooling water valve before starting the water-cooled air compressor, and then start the motor. When there is no cooling water, or when the water is stopped, it should be stopped
run. If it is a high-voltage motor, contact the power distribution room before starting, and abide by the relevant electrical safety technical operation regulations.
4.2.10 Those who are not operators of the computer room are not allowed to enter the computer room. Because of work needs, they must be approved by the relevant departments.
4.2.11 Inflammable and explosive materials are not allowed to be placed in the computer room.
4.3 After work
4.3.1 Make various records before leaving get off work.
4.3.2 Clean up the equipment and clean up the work area.