Urban Construction

Urban Road Construction Tools and Equipment

In modern cities, all kinds of pipelines are like the blood vessels of the city, which are responsible for the normal operation of the city. Pipeline leakage is a common phenomenon. In the face of leakage, we can only judge by experience, and then dig. If the judgment is wrong, the ground or wall will be damaged greatly, and later maintenance will be troublesome or impossible to repair at all.

Types of Urban Road Construction Tools and Equipment
ANBIT leak detector, pipeline meter and infrared meter can reduce the location range of the leak point, help you to accurately find the leak point, repair the pipeline with the smallest excavation area, reduce the workload, and reduce the damage to the existing pavement and wall.

Urban sewage treatment is essential. ANBIT swirl station is used for sewage separation in sewage treatment plant. It has the advantages of less floor space and low energy consumption. It uses centrifugal force to separate mud and sewage for preliminary separation to separate out the clarified and heavy mud, which is convenient for subsequent treatment.

In urban road construction, some small portable tools and construction drill machines are always needed to handle small repairs. ANBIT provides portable and efficient small equipment to handle drilling and road maintenance. Such as

Hand held rock drilling equipment (road drilling machine), small compact air compressor is the most commonly used in road maintenance. They occupy a small area, are easy to operate, small in size and powerful in power, and are good helpers for maintenance workers.

Guardrail piling machine can help you quickly install highway guardrails, combine piling and installation of guardrails, and improve construction progress.

In the event of a power outage, our diesel generators can provide the necessary power. Mobile light trucks provide lighting for on-site work and work.

ANBIT has air compressors, hand hammer drills, leak detectors, cyclone stations, generators and more road drilling machines for sale, contact us now.

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