Drilling Jumbo & Bolt Rigs Used In Underground Mining And Tunnel Drilling

ANBIT drilling jumbo and bolt rigs are widely used in underground mining and tunnel construction and can achieve multi-angle drilling. The abundant accessories ensure the smooth progress of the work, and the jumbo air compressor provides strong power.

The tunnel is a key project in the construction of highways and railways, and the method of tunnel excavation is developing rapidly.

Method for Tunnel Drilling
The drilling and blasting method has strong adaptability to geological conditions and low excavation cost, and is especially suitable for the construction of hard rock tunnels, broken rock tunnels and a large number of short tunnels. Therefore, the drilling and blasting method is currently the most commonly used tunnel excavation method in the world.

Equipment for Tunnel Drilling
During drilling and blasting, a hole must be drilled in the rock in order to fill the explosives. Among many drilling equipment manufacturers, ANBIT provides multi drilling equipments such as jumbo drilling rig, bolting rig, jumbo air compressor for tunnel construction and improves construction efficiency.

In order to prevent huge losses caused by changes in the stratum during construction of the construction tunnel, steel anchor cables must be drilled into the tunnel wall to increase the tension of the building. In the construction of deep foundation pits of buildings, drillinfg, drainage and anchor holes need to be carried out to prevent displacement of the foundation. Mining machines and tools such as bolting rigs, drilling bits, and compressed air hammer drill can provide a great underground drilling service especially for tunnel drilling.

The landslide is caused by gravel falling on the side of the road and the scouring of rain, which can cause major accidents. The most effective way to solve this problem is to use bolt drills as slope supports. ANBIT provides a complete set of bolt bits to meet this demand.

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