Safe operation rules for air compressor

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1. Preparation before driving

(1) Keep the lubricating oil in the pool within the scale range, and the grade of the lubricating oil should meet the requirements.

(2) Check that the amount of oil in the oiler should not be lower than the scale line.

(3) turn the hand wheel before driving, fill the cylinder with oil, and see the uniform and sufficient oil droplets from the oil device.

(4) After assembly or regular parking, the first time before starting the car must be turned up to check the same appreciation and impact

Kajio and other abnormal sound. n

(5) Remove the machine. The protective cover should be fixed firmly on and near all items that hinder the work.

(6) Check whether the exhaust pipe is smooth and the exhaust valve should be opened. .

(7) In order to reduce the load when starting, the load reduction valve should be closed or the oil-water blowout valve should be opened to make the discharge pipe in

No pressure condition.

(8) Open the cooling water valve, the water flow should be smooth, no bubbles.

(9) The electrical part should be prepared before starting.

2 driving

(1) Switch on the current to make the air compressor run in no-load state.

(2) After the no-load operation is normal, gradually open the load reduction valve and close the oil-water blowout valve of all levels of cooler to make the air pressure

The machine runs under load.

3 run

(1) Lubricating oil pressure is 1^ 5kg/cm2, not less than 1kg/cm2

(2) The exhaust pressure shall not exceed 8kg/cm2, otherwise check the pressure regulator.

(3) Check that the lubricating oil of the oil pool and oiler should be within the scale range, and the oil spill should not exceed the specified range.

(4) The cooling water should be smooth, uniform, no intermittent, no bubbles, and the water temperature should not exceed 40C.

(5) The exhaust temperature shall not exceed 160C, and the temperature after water cooling shall not exceed 40C.

(6) Check whether the current, voltage and temperature of the motor are normal.

(7) Often check whether the operation of all parts is normal.

(8) Often check whether the suction valve cover is hot, the sound of the valve is normal.

(9) Pay attention to the reliability of various protective equipment.

(10) Run for 2 hours, to all levels of oil and water blow valve open blow, each shift will be the oil and water in the storage tank discharge

1 ~ 2 times.

(11) Keep the air filter clean and clean once a month.

(12) Log 1 run per hour, keep clean around the equipment.

(13) Stop immediately if any of the following conditions are found during operation. (1) lubricating oil interruption; ② cooling water interruption; (3) exhaust

A sudden rise in pressure and failure of the safety valve; (4) There is abnormal sound in the air compressor or motor; ⑤ Electric motors or electrical equipment

Wait for something unusual to happen.

4 Normal Stop

(1) Close the load reduction valve, open all levels of cooler and oil-water blowout valve.

(2) Turn off the power supply and stop the machine.

(3) Close the cooling water inlet valve, release the cylinder liner, oil-water separator of all levels of cooler and water storage tank,

It should be protected from freezing in winter.

(4) Release compressed air at all levels of exhaust pipes.

(5) After the power supply is cut off, it should be restored to the state before change.

(6) When the air compressor stops for more than 10 days, sufficient lubricating oil should be injected to the friction surface. Safety technology


(1) When the inlet and exhaust pipes of the compressor are long, they should be fixed to avoid vibration.

(2) The fasteners of pressure containers such as gas tanks and coolers should be inspected and verified once a year.

(3) Clean gas pipelines, valves and gas storage tanks once every 0.5 years.

(4) Compressor and other exposed rotating parts (belt pulley, etc.) should have safety cover.

(5) Always check whether the grounding wire of the motor part and the electrical part is intact