In mines, our mining drilling equipment is mainly used for blasting drilling, ore crushing and material separation.

ANBIT provides various types of mining drilling equipment to cope with various mine working conditions, according to different needs, there are suitable equipment to meet your needs. Welcome to consult us, we have professional engineers to provide various types of drilling machine in mining.

Drilling Machine & Tools Used Open-pit Mining
In open-pit mining, we provide a complete set of drilling equipment, including mobile air compressor, drill rig, impactor, drill bit, drill pipe, air pipe. On the premise of ensuring durability and low failure rate, we are reducing prices and customer costs to the greatest extent by upgrading management and new technologies.

Drilling Machine & Tools Used in Underground Mining
In underground mining. We provide rock drilling jumbo, air compressor, rock drill, threaded drill rod, drill bit, and air leg rock drill. The rock drill truck provided by us can drill in large working face with high efficiency. In small working face, ABT provides small rock drill which occupies small area and is easy to move. To meet the needs of a variety of working conditions.

Drilling Machine & Tools Used in Small Mines
For small mines with small production, we provide small hand-held rock drills, mining drill rods and bits. Guarantee that customers can start production with very low initial purchase costs.

Rock drilling tools are very important in mining and are continuously consumed, which is a large proportion of the operating cost of drilling holes in mines. ANBIT provides China’s leading drills and impactors. Through continuous improvement of process and heat treatment technology, the service life of drill impactor can be improved, the mining speed can be improved, and the production cost can be reduced.

As one of the professional mining drilling equipment manufacturers, ANBIT provides stable and efficient crushing equipment to help you improve the speed of crushing ore, and ensure that you continue to work. Various types of crushers arrange the ore to the size and shape required by the process. We also have sand buildings to meet the needs of places with more rocks and less sand.

In mines, our swirling station mainly helps you to separate water and mineral powder from ore mortar and mud. We also have mature technology to help you use the sludge from tailing wastewater to build dams, save the cost of tailing treatment and reduce the risk of accidents.

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