Mobile Air Compressor

ABT supplies a variety of mobile air compressors for applications in some field operations which requires frequent movement and large dust. So all of our mobile mechanic air compressors: portable air compressor, small diesel air compressor, portable electric air compressor, skid mounted air compressor has the following characteristics:

1. Openable door design is adopted to facilitate daily maintenance.
2. Efficient and multi-fuel filter + water separator effectively prevents impurities and water from entering the engine and prolongs the service life of mobile diesel compressor.
3. High-performance, three-stage air filters prevent dust particles from entering the nose and engine of to electric mobile air compressors ensure that the power core runs in a good environment.
4. The mobile air compressor includes small compact air compressor, diesel mobile air compressor, skid mounted diesel air compressor has strong temperature adaptability and can work outdoors (-25 degrees to 40 degrees).
For surface and subsurface mining, Our mobile mining air compressor can be used as a viable source for powering drilling and piling machinery, pneumatic tools, material conveyors, and ventilation systems, etc..

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