Construction Machinery

Drilling Equipment & Crushing Machine For Construction Building

In the construction and bridge construction, ABT construction machinery shows itself and can provide tremendous help in various scenarios.

Large construction drilling/boring machine for Construction
ABT provides large construction drilling equipment to help you build bridges and building foundations. Its function is to pass through the soft and highly compressive soil or water, transfer the load of pile to the harder, more compact or less compressive foundation bearing layer, reduce the deformation of the structure caused by long-term pressure, and improve the stability of the building.

In the construction of building foundation, the cement solidification is often affected by underground water gushing and rainfall. The concrete solidification can be guaranteed by drilling drainage holes and continuously pumping water by submersible pump.

In the manufacture of new building materials, ABT building drilling machine is using building soil and building stone. Various types of rock crushers are used to produce the required gravel. The new environmental sand building is mainly used to make stone into uniform sand for building in some places where there is no sand, so as to reduce the damage to the environment.

Crushing Equipment for Construction
ABT also provides mobile crusher machine to help you recycle and crush construction waste, including metal material recycling, another part of concrete waste crushing into appropriate particles for secondary use, backfilling, reducing waste, reducing costs, protecting the environment, saving energy. And because the treatment is completed on the spot, the transportation cost is reduced, the waste treatment cost is reduced, and the most important thing is to reduce the damage to the environment caused by the demolition of buildings.

You can use: Crusher, air compressor, drill rig construction, Hammer, drill bit

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