Basic regulations of air compressor safety operation regulations

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1. The air compressor room should be well ventilated, and the room temperature should generally be lower than 40 ℃. The intake pipe should be connected to the outside and equipped with an air filter.   2. The newly installed or overhauled air compressor must be tested in accordance with the regulations, and only after confirming the reliable performance can it be operated with load.   3. The stationary air compressor must be installed stably, and the foundation should meet the design requirements.
4. The storage tank should be placed in a place with good ventilation and easy to dissipate heat. A water pressure test should be done once a year, and its pressure should reach 1.5 times the working pressure. The pressure gauge safety valve should be calibrated once a year to be sensitive and reliable.
5. The vicinity of the air compressor should be kept clean and dry to prevent the motor of the electric air compressor from getting wet or inhaling dust. Flammable and explosive items such as gasoline or cotton yarn are not allowed to be stored nearby. There should be adequate firefighting facilities in the machine room and near the gas storage tank.
6. The air supply of the air compressor must be notified or contacted by the user in advance before the air supply valve can be opened. At the beginning, it will gradually increase from small to large, and it cannot be opened all at once.
7. It is strictly forbidden to carry out welding or thermal processing on the gas storage tank, valve and pipeline during operation.
8. The operator should strictly abide by the post, and shall not arbitrarily decide to replace the work by non-local personnel, and it is strictly forbidden to operate after drinking and do other things unrelated to the operation.
9. When operating the high-voltage switchgear, you must stand on the insulating rubber pad and wear insulating gloves.  10. It is forbidden to use gasoline or kerosene to clean the air filter cylinder of the air compressor and other parts of the compressed air pipeline to prevent explosion, and it is not allowed to use the combustion method to remove the oil pollution of the pipeline.
11. When blowing the parts with compressed air, it is strictly forbidden to point the nozzle to the human body or other equipment.
12. The cooling water temperature of the internal combustion engine is too high. When opening the cover of the water tank, you should wear gloves or use a thick cloth pad. The face of the person must avoid the mouth of the water tank to prevent scalding from steam impact.
13. Before towing the mobile air compressor, carefully check the tightness and integrity of the steering and walking parts. When the traction speed generally does not exceed 20km/h, the turning radius should not be less than 10m.   14. No smoking is allowed when refueling, and the shell of electrical equipment should be grounded.