Preparations for air compressor operating procedures

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Preparations for air compressor operating procedures
1. Preparation and inspection before starting:
①Remove tools and sundries near the body and motor, and clean them up.  ②The oil quality and quantity in the crankcase shall meet the requirements.
③ Each valve of the compressed air pipeline should be closed flexibly and in the position before starting the machine.
④ After long-term shutdown, the gear oil pump should be filled with oil, and the gear oil pump should be shaken to increase the oil pressure to more than 100kpa.
⑤There is no looseness in all connection parts; the safety protection device should be complete and reliable, the motor and electrical equipment should be normal and well grounded; the starting equipment should be flexible, the operating handle should be placed in the zero position, the oil circuit breaker should be in the off position, and the thyristor should be excited. All switches of the unit are in the stop position.
⑥If the cooler has air pressure, it should be discharged; adjust the unloader so that the air compressor is in a no-load state.
⑦ Open the water inlet valve of the cooler and adjust the flow to a suitable flow rate, inject clean compressor oil into the oiler to the specified height, shake the handle of the oiler, inject oil into the cylinder, and confirm that the oil has entered the cylinder.
Start-up procedure of air compressor operating procedures
(1) Initial start-up procedure The initial start-up procedure refers to the initial start-up of the air compressor, or the operation procedure when the air compressor is stopped for more than two months.
Check before starting:
1. Before power transmission, it must be confirmed that the power supply voltage should be consistent with the rated working voltage of the compressor. The external cables of the air compressor must be qualified cables. The compressor unit must be well grounded to prevent danger due to leakage.
2. The power supply must be correctly connected to the motor to ensure the correct rotation of the motor. The specific methods are as follows: turn on the power supply, release the emergency stop button, and press the stop button to check the machine; press the start button and the motor runs normally, then the three-phase phase sequence is correct; If the motor automatically stops, the phase sequence is wrong, and the two phases of the input current should be exchanged. The wiring work of the motor must be done by a person with an electrician certificate.
3. Open the intake valve, add half a kilogram of special oil through the intake control valve, and manually rotate the coupling of the screw head from two different directions to ensure that the oil enters the screw head. When reconnecting the intake pipe, make sure that the nozzle is well sealed.
4. Open the side door and check that the oil level of the oil mirror on the oil and gas separation cylinder cannot be lower than the lower limit of the oil mark, and the same is true during operation.
5. Check whether the bolts of the coupling are in a tight state.
6. Check whether the shut-off valve at the outlet is open (once the shut-off valve is opened, the displayed pressure is the pressure of the system).
7. Before starting the air compressor. It should be confirmed that no one is performing inspection and maintenance work on the equipment.