Daily maintenance system of drilling rig

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1. Check whether the oil pipe of the oil circuit is loose or leaking oil, and whether the oil pipe is damaged.
2. Check whether each bearing component is loose or abnormal.
3. Check whether the fan blades of the motor are damaged, whether the motor belt is aging, and the belt tension.
4. Check whether the channel steel of the rig base is bent and deformed, the base screws are loose, and the base groove
Whether the hydraulic column groove on the steel is deformed.
5. Check the oil level of the rig’s hydraulic oil and gearbox oil, and refuel in time
come on.
6. Add butter to each grease nipple that needs to be filled with butter.
7. Check whether all exposed bolts, nuts, safety pins, etc. are firm and reliable.
8. Check whether the link at the connection of the joystick is abnormal, and if so, repair it in time.
9. Check the wear of the slips, and replace them in time if they need to be replaced.
10. Check whether the drill pipe is unobstructed. If it is not smooth, it should be transparent in time, and whether there is any dirt on the screw thread of the drill pipe.
To ensure that the thread of each drill pipe is clean and free of dirt, it must not affect the next use.
11. Check the use of the drill bit, if it cannot be used, it should be recycled and handed over to the technical department, which will be issued by the technical department.
Put in a new drill.
12. Check the hydraulic prop for oil leakage or other abnormal conditions, and report to the technical department in time.
13. Repair and deal with the faults in the class in time. If it cannot be repaired in time, it should be reported in time.
report to the Technical Department.
14. After each drilling, the surface of the drilling rig should be cleaned and wiped in time to avoid drilling
corrosion of the machine surface.