Drilling rig safety operation rules

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1. The drilling site should be kept clean.
2. When installing and disassembling the drilling rig, ensure that it is correct and complete.
3. When the mast of the drilling rig is raised and lowered, the operator should stand in a safe position.
4. When starting the motor, all friction clutches of the drilling rig should be opened.
5. When the drilling rig is working, remove the protective cover strictly.
6. Before the work starts, the reliability of the brake installation, as well as the workability of the eagle clutch and starting device should be checked.
7. Before the motor stops, it is forbidden to check the drilling rig.
8. When the drilling rig is working, it is strictly forbidden to fasten any parts of the drilling rig.
9. When the rig is running, it is strictly forbidden to refuel. Refueling of the upper mast pulley should be done when the rig is stopped.
10. It is not allowed to work on the mast before the motor is stopped.
11. In any case, when someone is working on the upper part of the mast, no other personnel are allowed to stay under the mast.
12. In case of bad weather (heavy rain, heavy snow, freezing or strong winds above level 5), it is not allowed to work on the mast. It is also not permitted to work on the mast with artificial lighting.
13. It is strictly forbidden to use wire rope with split strands.
14. When the drilling tool is raised and lowered, it is strictly forbidden to touch the wire rope by hand.
15. Except for lifting and lowering the drilling rig, lowering the drilling pipe, etc., the wellhead is strictly prohibited to open.
16. In order to prevent the drilling tool or the pumping cylinder from shaking when it is taken out of the well, it must be hooked with a hook made of a steel rod with a diameter of 15~20mm.
17. When cleaning the drawer, a sturdy and reliable steel wire rope should be used to form a loop, put it on the lower end of the drawer, and turn it upside down.
18. All workers should leave the well when the casing is being lifted or lowered with the tackle, and when the machine is salvaging.
19. When pulling out the casing with a jack, in order to prevent the casing from falling off, it must be fixed to each other.
20. Drilling should be stopped when lighting is stopped (at night). At this time, the drilling tool should be carefully removed from the well while the drilling tool is still in the well.