Screw air compressor safety operation rules

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1. Purpose.
Strictly implement the operating procedures, standardize the operation of the screw air compressor, ensure that the equipment is in good condition, and maintain the continuity and stability of production max air compressor.
2. Operating procedures
21 Before each start, the drain valve should be opened to remove oil, water and sediment.
2.2 When the compressor starts again, it should be started without negative yellow
2.3 During the operation of the equipment, if the indicator light on the control panel is on and the alarm menu is launched, it means that the oil filter, oil-water separator and air filter are blocked and should be replaced as soon as possible.
2.4 During the operation of the air compressor, it can be restarted after the shutdown, overload and abnormal response have eliminated the hidden danger. During the operation of the air compressor, there is no abnormal situation, and it is not allowed to press the emergency stop button.
2.5 During the operation of the air compressor, it is forbidden to modify the parameters.
3. Repair and maintenance
3.1 During emergency repair and maintenance, it should be confirmed that the power supply has been cut off, and a sign such as “no closing” should be hung on the power supply.
3.2 Before repairing, it must be confirmed that there is no pressure in the pipeline and container, and it is strictly forbidden to loosen the bolts and open the valve without confirmation.
3.3 The relevant personnel should be notified to pay attention to safety when starting the machine.
3.4 When shutting down for maintenance, the power supply of the unit must be turned off first, the system pressure must be emptied, and the unit must be cooled before proceeding.
3.5 The fins of the air-cooled cooler are easily covered by dust and affect the cooling effect. Therefore, low-pressure air should be used to blow off or clean the dust from the fins at regular intervals to keep the radiator clean.
3.6 When replacing the parts of the air compressor, the spare parts provided by the regular manufacturer must be used.
3.7 Any – – item of the three-phase power supply should not be greater than 10% of the three-phase average value, and if the power supply has a voltage drop, it should not be lower than 5% of the rated voltage.
4. Maintenance
4.1 When adding lubricating oil to the compressor, do not mix lubricating oil of different manufacturers or brands.
4.2 Once the safety valve and other important components are found to be abnormal, they should not be operated with illness, and should be repaired and maintained immediately.
4.3 The inspection and maintenance of the compressor should be carried out regularly according to the time on the control panel or the work instruction.