How To Choose Drill Head For Impact Drill And Electric Drill?

Electric drills, impact drills and electric hammers are the three commonly used hand-held power tools. What is the difference between these three tools? Which tool should be the most suitable under certain circumstances? Then let’s learn the purpose and difference of the three!

Electric drills are particularly suitable for drilling holes in materials that require little force. The impact drill has two drilling functions: rotation and percussion. It can generate stronger impact than electric drills. Among the three tools, the pressure required for the electric hammer to enter the hard material is the smallest.

1. Electric Drill Head

Electric drill is a drilling tool powered by electricity and is also a conventional product in electric tools. The electric drill only has a rotating method, which is especially suitable for drilling holes in materials that require very little force, such as cork and metal. The working principle of the electric drill is very simple. It only relies on the motor to drive the transmission gear, so that the drill head punch a hole in the form of scraping on the metal or wood.

2. Percussion Drill Bits

The impact drill completes the work by rotating and impacting. It is mainly used for natural stone and concrete drilling. When working with cost-effective impact drill, there is generally an adjustment knob at the drill clamp of the drill head, which can be adjusted in two ways: ordinary electric drill and percussion drill.

Because the impact drill uses the gears on the inner shaft to jump to each other to achieve the impact effect. Therefore, even the most cost-effective impact drill is far inferior to an electric hammer in terms of impact force.

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