Precautions for the operation of rotary drilling rig

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A. Pay attention when preparing for homework
1. How much fuel
2. How much coolant
3. How much lubricating oil
4. How much hydraulic oil
B. Attention should be paid to:
1. Hand throttle] should be in low gear
2. Wear of main and auxiliary wire ropes
3. Whether the wire rope stress releaser rotates flexibly
4. Is there any abnormality in starting the engine?
5. After the engine is started, it should run at medium speed for 5 minutes
6. Are all alarm devices released?
7. Whether there is oil leakage or water leakage in each part
8. Is there any abnormality in the structural part of the working device?
C. Attention should be paid to the following when starting drilling:
1. Understand the construction work environment and whether there are obstacles around
2. Understand the situation of mud and site leveling
3. The foundation condition of the location where the drilling rig is located, whether a road substrate is required
D. Drilling rig operation should pay attention to:
1. At the beginning, the drill bucket should slowly fall, and then start to drill. 2-3 meters on the ground, pay great attention to whether the center of the pile deviates
2. When the drill pipe falls, it is necessary to control the speed to prevent the rope from being messed up.
3. When using the pressurizer, do not pressurize blindly, and control the coordination with the rotation speed of the drill pipe to prevent the drilling from slipping.
4. When drilling, do not lift the drill pipe hard, release the reaction force of the layer and then lift it
E. Other Notes:
1. Don’t talk to people when the rig is operating
2. The operator shall not leave the cab when the drilling rig is running
3. When the operator leaves the drilling rig, he should put the drill pipe to the ground, lock the rotary lock, and stop the engine
4. When encountering high-voltage lines, pay attention to the distance between the drilling rig and the high-voltage lines
5. Be careful of underground obstacles when drilling, especially underground pipes and cables, etc.
6. If the engine needs to be preheated, it should be preheated for more than 30 seconds
7. Engine start-time: usually run for 10-15 seconds, then stop for 10-15 seconds and start again. When the engine is cold, the starting environment of the engine is harsh, and the continuous starting is less than 30 seconds
8. The engine should run at medium speed when the drilling rig is running
9. The engine should run at medium speed when the drilling rig is going uphill, and should run at low speed when going downhill
10. Pay attention to the movement posture of the drilling rig when going up and down the slope to ensure the balance of the drilling rig
11. The slope is relatively steep, turn on the micro-speed switch when going downhill, and go downhill at a low speed.