11° Tapered Drill Bits

11° Tapered Drill Bit is a kind of drill bit that is used in conjunction with the down-the-hole impactor. It has the characteristics of straight drilling, fast drilling and deep hole drilling. And it is widely used in mining, quarry, hydropower engineering, and drilling water wells.
Carbide Button Choose Guide
Product Spherical Button Ballistic Button Ogive Button
Applicable types Regular type Retrac type Regular type Retrac type Especially suitable for pneumatic rock driller
Hard Rock
Medium Hard Rock
Soft Rock
Abrasive Rock
Non-Abrasive Rock
Homogeneous Rock
Fissure Rock

Remarks:Other specification bits are available according to customer’s requirements.

 Physical Performance Of 11° Tapered Drill Bits
Items Measured Data
D(g/cm3) 14.94 14.97
HC(Oe) 143 140
σs 9.1 8.8
Ms/% 95 92
TRS(MPa) 3300 3362
POROSITY A02B00C00 A02B00C00
ETA Phase None None
Grain size(μm) 2.5 3
MAX 20 14
Structure Patches None None
KIC None None
HRA 90.3 90.4
HV30 1440 1440
 Product Parameters Of 11° Tapered Drill Bits
PZD:Tapered Bit;
Carbide button shape,D:Ballistic button,Z:Ogive Button;
Maximum diameter of bit,Unit:mm, exaple:036;
Type of powder discharging groove,TC:Regular type,XC:Inclined groove type;
Appendix code,default 01,for length and technologies distinction;
Button quantity,example:0502,05:gauge buttons,02:front buttons;
Bit body information,example:0722,07:internal taper degree,22:internal hole diameter.

Specification Of 11° Tapered Drill Bits



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