ANBIT-H Series Cone Crusher

ANBIT-H series spring cone crusher perfectly combines crushing speed, stroke and high performance crushing chamber design, greatly improving production capacity and crushing efficiency. At the same time, it has the characteristics and advantages of excellent equipment quality, convenient maintenance, durable original wear parts, short breakdown parking time, simple and flexible operation, and truly creates more value for customers in practice. It is widely used in the crushing, fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing sections of crushed materials in the industries of mine ore crushing, high hardness rock material crushing, building material crushing, cement plant, sand and gravel manufacturing, etc. It is also suitable for fixed and mobile applications.


ANBIT-H series mobile cone crusher for sale relies on their own unique design and casting machinery processing technology, in the case of ensuring the processing capacity, extended the service life, multiple unloading valve design to avoid material debris damage to equipment, ensure the stability of equipment operation.
If you have special needs, please contact us, we will provide the most suitable cone crusher machine for your design scheme.
ANBIT-H Series Conical Crusher

 Functions And Features Of ANBIT-H Series Cone Crusher:

Higher production capacity
Combining higher speed with stroke, the rated power and passing capacity of HP series cone crushing are greatly improved, and the maximum output can be obtained in the minimum space with smaller equipment.


ANBIT-H series conical crusher only needs to replace fixed conical liner plate, movable conical liner plate, adaptor ring and wedge block fastening bolts, the crushing cavity type can be arbitrarily changed from the standard super-thick cavity type to the short-head ultra-fine cavity type.



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