Big Hole High Hammer

We often encounter scenes in buildings where large bore pile holes need to be drilled into the rock, and large bore water Wells require large amounts of water.In this application scenario, the hole size is large, the torque of the drill tool is large, the drilling cost is high, and the risk is high.In view of the characteristics of this type of scenario, our company has designed a special large-bore hole impactor.
Main Features Of Big Hole High Hammer:

1. Using the latest rock drilling theory, optimizing the inside structure and the size of the air distrbution, to make the hammer drill tool obtain the optimal energy transfer and make it achieve faster drilling speed and lower air consumption.
2. For such projects as the drill bit break, retrieving very difficult, we specially designed a safe and reliable anti-shedding device for the bit.
3. The check valve can be replaced to replaced to the one with bigger air controlling hole to provide more efficient cutting discharge.
4. The top sub and the drive chuck have special thread, which can achieve an easier disassemble.

 Applications Of Big Hole High Hammer:

ANBIT provides various types of big hole drills for applications in drilling into stone, concrete, bricks, etc.. during different mining conditions. Contact us for expertise in choosing the suitable big hole hammer drill tools to meet your needs.


Technical Data Of Big Hole Drill Hammer
Technical Data
Length(Without Bit) ND142A ND180A ND225A ND275A ND330A ND475A ND525A
1388mm 1520mm 1745mm 2626mm 3870mm 4080mm 4260mm
Weight(Without Bit) 102.00kg 178.00kg 315.00kg 650.00kg 1050.00kg 2775.00kg 3626.00kg
External Diameter Ø142mm Ø180mm Ø225mm Ø275mm Ø330mm Ø475mm Ø525mm
Bit Shank DHD360 QL80 NUMA100 NUMA125 ND330 ND475 ND525
Hole Range Ø155-Ø195mm Ø195-Ø254mm Ø254-Ø311mm Ø305-Ø445mm Ø350-Ø660mm Ø508-Ø706mm Ø610-Ø800mm
Connection Thread API3 1”/2REG API4 1”/2REG API4 1”/2REG API6 5”/8REG API7 5”/8REG API8 5”/8REG API8 5”/8REG
API6 5”/8REG API7 5”/8REG
Working Pressure 1.0-2.5Mpa 1.8-3.0Mpa 1.8-3.0Mpa 1.8-3.0Mpa 1.8-3.0Mpa 2.0-3.0Mpa 2.0-3.0Mpa
Impact Rate at 17 Bar 25HZ 20HZ 20HZ 20HZ 20HZ 20HZ 20HZ
Recommended Rotation Speed 20-30r/min 15-25r/min 15-25r/min 15-25r/min 15-25r/min 15-25r/min 15-25r/min
Air Consumption 1.0Mpa:9.0m³/min 1.0Mpa:12.0m³/min 1.0Mpa:22.0m³/min 1.0Mpa:28.0m³/min 1.0Mpa:32.0m³/min 1.0Mpa:56.0m³/min 1.0Mpa:50.0m³/min
1.8Mpa:18.0m³/min 1.8Mpa:22.0m³/min 1.8Mpa:40.0m³/min 1.8Mpa:50.0m³/min 1.8Mpa:58.0m³/min 1.8Mpa:75.0m³/min 1.8Mpa:80.0m³/min
2.4Mpa:26.0m³/min 2.4Mpa:28.0m³/min 2.4Mpa:65.0m³/min 2.4Mpa:71.0m³/min 2.4Mpa:85.0m³/min



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