BR Series Low Pressure Drill Bit

Our drill bits are interchangeable with various products
manufactured by Atlas Copco.

Specification Of BR Series Low Pressure Drill Bit
BR Head shape Diameter Number of vents NO X button diamter weight (KG)
mm Toothed Gauge Front
BR1 Low Pressure Drill Bit
Flat Face Bit 64 2 Ballistic Button 6XØ10 4XØ9
Convex Face 70 2 Ballistic Button 6XØ11 4XØ10
BR2 Low Pressure Drill Bit
Flat Face Bit 76 2 Round Button 6XØ12 4XØ10
Flat Face Bit 80 2 Round Button 6XØ13 5XØ10
Flat Face Bit 90 2 Round Button + Ballistic Button 6XØ13 4XØ12
BR3 Low Pressure Drill Bit
Flat Face Bit 90 2 Semi-Ballistic Button 6XØ14 5XØ12
Convex Face 98 2 Semi-Ballistic Button 6XØ14 6XØ12
BR33 Low Pressure Drill Bit
Convex Face 94 2 Semi-Ballistic Button 6XØ14 2XØ13+2XØ12
Flat Face Bit 115 2 Round Button 8XØ14 7XØ13

We can design and manufacture according to customers requirement of the bit diameter, the NO.of air holes,



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