Impregnated Diamond Bit

Specification Of Impregnated Diamond Bit
Bit Type Descripition Impregnated Diamond Bit features Set type of Diamond Remarks
Wire-line Φ46mm、Φ56mm、Φ59mm、Φ75mm、Φ91mm、Φ95mm The main crown technical parameters of impregnated diamond core bits include diamond grade, size, concentrarion and puality, matrix hardness and and crown shapes. The users can make retional selections according to the formations to be drilled. Surface- Set、Impregnated We can produce bit and thread type according to requirements
Double Tube Φ56mm、Φ59mm、Φ66mm、Φ75mm、Φ76mm、Φ91mm、Φ110mm、Φ130mm、Φ150mm、Φ200mm
Single Tube Φ56mm、Φ59mm、Φ66mm、Φ75mm、Φ76mm、Φ91mm、Φ110mm、Φ130mm、Φ150mm、Φ170mm、Φ201mm、Φ219mm、Φ325mm



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