Mining Hydrocyclone

Mining hydrocyclone mainly uses centrifugal force to achieve the effect of water mixture separation. It is mainly used in closed-circuit grinding system of black, non-ferrous and non-metallic mines, slurry concentration and dewatering, desliming, fine particle material classification, tailings filling, dam building, recovery and other processes. Mining hydrocyclone is widely favored by users because of its advantages of high classification efficiency, simple structure, large processing capacity and small floor area.
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Mineral Processing In Metal Mines

ANBIT mining hydrocyclone is used in one-stage and two-stage closed-circuit grinding system of mine beneficiation. It has higher classification efficiency and finer overflow fineness under the condition of higher feed concentration. The classification efficiency is 5-10% higher than that of conventional spiral classifier, which is beneficial to the improvement of mill utilization coefficient. So as to improve the efficiency of the whole ore dressing system.

 Tailings Dry Row


Tailings Dry row can not only save the construction cost and the routine maintenance cost of the traditional tailings pond, but also make full use of the backflow water. It can also save the area and eliminate the hidden danger of the tailings pond. In addition, in the production process of the mine, the hidden safety hazards in the goaf can be eliminated, saving money about this part. The landform can be reclaimed, the funds for environmental control can be saved, and the geological environment can be protected.

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 Waste Water Treatment

In wastewater treatment, the impurities in the wastewater can be extracted by the mining hydrocyclone station, and then transported to the wastewater treatment system for further treatment to improve the treatment capacity of the wastewater treatment system.

 A Mining Hydrocyclone For Alumina

The structure of alumina is innovative designed with a mining hydrocyclone. In alumina production, effective classification of alumina is required to produce qualified sand alumina products, a variety of alumina products or to meet different production processes.



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