Oil-Free Compressor

The oil free compressor is widely used in food manufacturing and packaging industry, pharmaceuticals, bio engineering, electroplating industry, automotive spraying industry, textile industry and other industries with high requirements for industrial gas quality.

Characteristic Of Free Oil Compressor
1. Using German technology, full copper wire winding, small starting current, strong power, continuous constant pressure work, up to 20bar of operating pressure.
2. Imported SKF double-row automatic self-aligning bearing can withstand high radial load, optimized roller and raceway contact profile, and optimal contact design of roller large end face and large stop face, effectively eliminating edge stress and can be more Effectively reduce the bearing temperature rise; externally sealed with high temperature insulation material, can effectively reduce the internal conduction of temperature, so that the bearing is always working under constant temperature;
3. The piston sleeve is made of graphite high pressure casting, which has high temperature resistance and self-lubricating function. The piston adopts PEEP imported material, and the highest temperature resistance exceeds 500 °C. Solenoid valve: Adopting German imported electromagnetic valve, it can effectively relieve pressure and prevent high pressure gas from entering. The backwash of the exhaust valve ensures that the main engine starts under no pressure and prolongs the service life of the intake and exhaust valves; 

 Performance Characteristics Of Oil Free Air Compressor:

1. Adopting imported technology from Germany, the highest pressure can reach 2.0Mpa
2. Double cylinder balance compression, low vibration, low noise, and the host is balanced
3. Adopt Swedish SKF high pressure bearing and German PEEP high wear sealing material
4. Microcomputer control, automatic fault diagnosis, automatic memory, automatic display
5. It can realize regular opening and closing, and adjust the starting and stopping pressure of the compressor arbitrarily.
6. Microcomputer adopts non-contact design, continuous action can exceed 100,000 times
7. The inside of the gas storage tank is treated with anti-corrosion treatment to ensure that the air quality is free from pollution and impurities.
8. The exhaust port forcibly filters the air to ensure that the air moisture content is <0.01ppm and the dust content is <0.01μ.
9. The whole machine adopts stainless steel pipe and has a service life of up to five years.

 Application Range Of Oilless Air Compressor

It is widely used in medical, laboratory, water treatment, bio-pharmaceutical, environmental protection, shipbuilding, textile, petrochemical, precision electronics, instrumentation, spraying, tobacco, nitrogen, optics, national defense research, etc. The field of clean compressed air is needed.
Comparing to the air compressors utilizing oil for lubrication of bearings and gears, which are isolated from the compression chamber. Free oil compressors are free from contamination. Using oilless air compressor enables you to provide the highest quality air for your manufacturing needs. Meanwhile, you can dramatically reduce your operation’s negative environmental effects. Eliminate harmful emissions and get a clean, reliable, cost-efficient source of air supply.

Performance Of Oilless Compressor
Model ABT50-4V
Power/KW 2.2KW
Voltage/V/Hz 220V/380V/50Hz
Electric current/A 8A/4.5A
Speed/rpm 1440rpm
Compression efficiency L/min-¹ 290L/min-¹/5bar
flow/L/min 420L/min
Pressure/BAR 0-10bar
Noise /db(A) <75db(A)



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