Symmetric Overburden Drilling Equipment

Symmetric Casing Drilling System is designed to drill holes of many sizes, ranging from 108 to 863mm (4 1/4 to 34 in), at any angle (including horizontal), to any depth (beyond 100 meters) through unconsolidated formations simultaneously with casing. The internal flushing grooves together with the built-in casing shoes gives a good seal to the button of the drilling hole, and thus minimizing the disruption of the surrounding of the drill hole. It makes the casing follow easy and the equipment and operation simple, and is recommended to a multitude of applications, such as micro-piling, underpinning, anchoring, marine work and horizontal drilling etc.


Advantages Of Symmetric Drilling

1. Great verticality of the hole and fast drilling speed.
Vertical holes can be drilled in all strata, such as gravel, sand and pebble, and drilling speed is fast. This is based on the principle of work.

2. The torque necessary for symmertic drilling is much less than for eccentric dirlling.
A smooth and steady drilling may be achieved using ring bit on all conditions and create big hole even if a small drilling rig is used.

3. Unlocking-relocking can be relatively easily achieved.
When the system needs to be unlocked during drilling, it is easier to unlock than eccentric drilling without opening and closing eccentric components in the hole.

4. Drilling can be carried out at ant angle.
Symmetric drilling can shape the hole at any angle.

5. Effective cuttings discharge.
The gas used for slag discharge in the center drilling rises along the casing immediately after it is ejected from the guide bit, so the damage to the hole wall is small and the slag discharge effect is good.

6. Easy operation and system safety
Drilling workers are relieved of the need to maintain their continuous and constant attention on drilling process since symmetric drilling can carry on smoothly.

7. Low cost
The structure and principle of operation of symmetric drilling system can guarantee considerable reduction in downtime,fewer consumable and lower operation costs.

 Drilling Steps For Core Heel Pipe
Specification Of Symmetric Overburden Drilling Equipment
Product model Casing OD(mm) Casing wall max (mm) Ring bit OD(mm) Pilot bte OD(mm) hammer
Ring bit OD
NSOD114 114.3 6/10 91/78 128/124 100/92.5 ND35
NSOD127 126.7 7 99 140 110 ND35
NSOD140 139.7 7/10 116/94 154/150 124/117.5 ND45/NQL4
NSOD168 168.3 8/12.7 142/121 182/178 150/140 ND55/NQL5
NSOD178 178.3 10 145 195 156 ND55/NQL5
NSOD194 193.7 6/12.7 167/148 212/203 180/167 ND65/NQL6
NSOD219 219.1 7/12.7 186/167 234 203/191 ND65/NQL6
NSOD273 273 8/12.7 232/219 292 255/246 ND85/NQL8
NSOD325 323.9 8/12.7 281/270 342/342 306/297 ND85/NQL8
NSOD406 406.4 12.7 328 419 374 NSD10/N125
NSOD508 508 15 412 526 470 ND475/SD15
NSOD609 609.6 15 513 637 570 ND525/SD18



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