Tungsten Alloy Matrix Body Coring Bit

Specification Of Tungsten Alloy Matrix Body Coring Bit
Bit Type Descripition Tungsten alloy matrix body coring bit features Remarks
Wire-line Φ46mm、Φ56mm、Φ59mm、Φ75mm、Φ91mm、Φ95mm Applicable to the medium hard formation drilling, good stability and fast rockbreaking speed and gauge effect is good, high efficiency, strong impact resistance, erotion resistance, high wear resistance. We can produce bit and thread type according to requirements
Double Tube Φ56mm、Φ59mm、Φ66mm、Φ75mm、Φ76mm、Φ91mm、Φ110mm、Φ130mm、Φ150mm、Φ200mm
Single Tube Φ56mm、Φ59mm、Φ66mm、Φ75mm、Φ76mm、Φ91mm、Φ110mm、Φ130mm、Φ150mm、Φ170mm、Φ201mm、Φ219mm、Φ325mm



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