ZGYX-421 Combined Mining Rig

One diesel engine drives both the screw air compressor and the hydraulic system, and the power output is a stagger peak design.
Compared to separated dril rig,the total power output of the diesel engine is reduced by about 35%, and the maintenance cost is reduced by 50%.Lower energy consumption,faster rock drilling speed,shorter preparation time and the less hole numbers reduce the unit energy consumption sharply.

Product Features Of ZGYX-421 Combined Mining Rig:

1. Equipped with Yuchai YC6A180Z power pack & 10/14.53/min air compressor; with 3 m drill pipe of diameter φ 60mm and with dry dust collector
2. Enhanced structures, meeting all functional requirements of the original ZGYX-420A rig。
3. Cycloid motor driving rotary head, more reliable and lighter and more compact than the original ball motor,with increased rig torque for wider hole range;rotation shaft & transition adaptor with direct thread connection for less possible leak with the original seal.
4. Large torque for wider hole range
5. Feed,lift,& rotation with fast/slow speed, improving pipe changing efficiency.
6. New enclosure design for convenient maintenance and better rig appearance.
7. Equipped with high efficient dry dust collection device for dust free, more eco-friendly,& energy saving
8. Standard equipment Piston motor & international standard tramming track for more powerful climbing ability, more reliable quality & more efficient tramming.
9. Standard equipment track oscillation for better tramming & cross terrain performance


 Specification Of ZGYX-421 Combined Mining Rig
Model ZY103
Manufacture Zhigao
Hole range 42-89mm
Rotation speed 0-192rpm
Rotation torque Max.860N.m
Hole depth 13.5M
Max. Impact power 15kw
Cummins engine
Rated power 93kw
Boom & feed
Boom angle 71º/105º
Boom swing angle “-25º-+35º
Tilt angle “-54º-+50º
Swing angle “-92º-+15º/-54º-+50º
Feed/Pull up force 16KN/16KN
Drill rod length 3.66m(LF-6095mm)
Rod changer an #S of rods stored 3+1(Manual)
Screw air compressor
Air consumption 3.4m3/min
Max. Working pressure 7 Bar
Max. Climbing ability 25º
Ground clearance 340mm
Track frame oscillation ±10º
Tra;mming speed Fast:4.5km/h,Slow:2.3km/h
Dimension(No options)
Weight 10,500kg
Width 2,430mm
Length 11,300mm
High 2,900mm



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