ZGYX-423/453 Combined Drill Rig


Based on mature technology, ZEGA keeping on improving drill rig productivity and work adaptability. ZGYX 423/453 with perfect flexibility&reliability, ensure higher productivity, better adaptability,& better hole quality.
Product Advantages Of ZGYX-423/453 Combined Drill Rig

1. Accurate straight hole for better blasting effect control
2. Faster stripping speed by combining work benches & pre-split blasting holes
3. Less waste excavation by increasing slope angle
4. Better flexibility than traditional surface mining & quarry rigs
5. Heavy duty motor-chain driving feed beam, stable & reliable
6. Box type boom, strong & flexible
7. All closed machine, air spring protection doors convenient for maintenance and service
8. Round table auto pipe changer, rotary head with excellent drilling ability for 3.5”/4”hammers, rotary torque up to 2800 Nm

 Applications Of ZGYX-423/453 Combined Drill Rig:

ANBIT provides various types of mechanical drilling rig for mining crushing applications in drilling aggregates such as rocks, concrete, bricks, etc.. with different mining conditions. Contact us for expert team in choosing the suitable bolting rigs to meet your needs.



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