ZGYX-452 Combined Mining Rig

One diesel engine drives both the screw air compressor and the hydraulic system, and the power output is a stagger peak design.
Compared to separated dril rig,the total power output of the diesel engine is reduced by about 35%, and the maintenance cost is reduced by 50%.Lower energy consumption,faster rock drilling speed,shorter preparation time and the less hole numbers reduce the unit energy consumption sharply.

Product Features Of ZGYX-452 Combined Mining Rig:

1. High-end product at low-end price for best cost performance ratio.
2. ZGYX-452 integrated DTH surface drill rig with single power pack (only one diesel) to drive both screw air compressor and hydraulic system.The most important advantage is energy saving, comparing with separated drill rigs, the fuel consumption is reduced by 35% and maintenance cost down by 50%.
3. Powerful two-speed hydraulic tramming mechanism with fast tramming speed and excellent off-road performance.
4. Bigger and stronger designed rotation unit for smooth high torque output and less drill tools jamming.
5. Two stage dry dust collector for friendly environment and higher production efficiency
6. Centralized control console and reasonable layout for clear function view and convenient to operate
7. Core hydraulic parts with global famous brands for reliable hydraulic system to ensure low maintenance costs and convenient & practical.
8. Integrated design (air comressor on board ) increases the mobility for better long-distance fleet management.

Specification Of ZGYX-452 Combined Mining Rig
Diesel Engine
Model YC6A260L-T20 Speed 2,150 rpm
Manufacturer Yuchal Fuel Tank Capacity 420 L
Rated Power 191 kw
Screw Compressor
Manufacturer Zega F.A.D 15 m3/ min
Air End Manufacturer Hanbell Working Pressure (Max.) 17 bar
Functional Specifications
Hole Range 108 -127 mm DTH hammer 4″ Standard
Hole Depth (Max.) 20 m Rotation Speed 0-100 r/ min
Drill Pipe Diameter 76 mm 89 mm Option Rotation Torque 1,983 N.m
ftod Harding System ard Numbs of Rpes 6+1 Drill Pipe Length 3m CollaringRod(J)76mmxlOOOmm
Function of Boom
Boom Type Single Straight Boom Feed Driving Type Cylinder+Steel Wire Cable
Length of Feed Beam 5,430 mm Feed Travel Length 3,200 mm
Feed Extension 1,220 mm Feed Speed (Max.) 1.1 m/s
Feed Force (Max.) 19.5 KN Pull Up (Max.) 37.5 KN
Tramming Speed (Max.) High:3km/h Low:2km/h Traction Force High Speed:45 KN Low Speed: 71 KN
Max. CUmb Ability 23。 Track Oscillation ±14。
Ground Clearance 360 mm



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