Safety requirements for the use of air compressors

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1. The internal combustion engine and electric motor part of the air compressor shall comply with the relevant requirements of this chapter.
2. The stationary air compressor must be installed stably and firmly, and the foundation must meet the regulations. shift
After the dynamic air compressor is parked, it should be kept level and the tires should be wedged tightly.
3. The working environment of the air compressor should be kept clean and dry. The air tank must be placed in a ventilated
In good places, no welding or thermal processing is allowed within a radius of 15m.
4. The gas storage tank and the gas transmission pipeline should be tested by water pressure once every 3 years, and the test pressure is
150% of the fixed working pressure. Pressure gauges and safety valves should be calibrated at least once a year.
5. Before the mobile air compressor is hauled, the fastening and lubrication of the traveling device should be checked.
However, the towing speed should not exceed 20km/h.
6. The amount of lubricating oil in the crankcase should be within the range specified by the scale, and the amount of lubricating oil added should be
Species and labels must comply with the regulations.
7. Each connection part should be fastened, and each moving part and each valve should be opened and closed flexibly, and
in the pre-start position.
8. The cooling water must use clean soft water and keep it smooth.
9. Before starting the air compressor, it must be carried out under no load conditions. After the operation is normal,
Then gradually enter the load operation.
10. Before opening the gas supply valve, the gas pipeline should be connected well, and the gas pipeline should be kept smooth.
pass without twisting. And notify the relevant personnel before sending gas. No one is allowed in front of the vent
work or stand.
11. After the air compressor is running normally, the indication values ​​of various instruments should be in accordance with the original manufacturer’s instructions.
requirements of the manifest.
12. The maximum pressure in the gas storage tank shall not exceed the specification on the nameplate, and the safety valve is sensitive and effective.
13. There should be no abnormal noise or overheating of the intake and exhaust valves, bearings and components.
14. Every 2 hours of operation, the oil-water separator, intercooler, and aftercooler must be installed.
The oil and water are drained once. The oil and water in the air storage tank must be discharged 1~2 times per shift.
15. When one of the following situations is found, stop the machine immediately to check, find out the cause and wait for the failure
After exclusion, can work:
(1) Water leakage, air leakage, electricity leakage or sudden interruption of cooling water;
(2) The indicated value of pressure gauge, temperature gauge and ammeter exceeds the specified value;
(3) The exhaust pressure gauge suddenly rises, and the exhaust valve and safety valve fail;
(4) There is abnormal noise in the machine or a strong spark occurs in the motor brush.
16. If the cylinder is stopped due to overheating due to lack of water during operation, do not add cooling immediately.
Water must be added after the cylinder block is naturally cooled to below 60°C.
17. In the event of a power failure during the operation of the electric air compressor, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and the power should be restarted after the power is turned on.
New start.
18. When stopping, the load should be removed first, then the main clutch should be disengaged, and then the internal combustion should be stopped.
the operation of a machine or motor.
19. After shutdown, close the cooling water valve, open the air release valve, and release the coolers at all levels
And the oil and water in the air storage tank and the stored gas. When the temperature is lower than 5°C, the stored water in each part should be drained.
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