What you must know about the use of air compressors

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Now if the air compressor has become an important design page of the production enterprise, most of the good and basic operations are not very clear in the actual use process, which leads to different degrees of damage once the equipment is used improperly. If there is a fee, we should pay attention to the following when using the air compressor, see point i
1. When the air compressor has air leakage, abnormal noise or odor, it should stop running immediately, and it can be used only after troubleshooting. When the unit is in use, it must be equipped with an air compressor protective grounding wire to ensure that all metal casings of the compressor are in good contact with the ground, and the grounding resistance should meet the corresponding standards. If it is forced to run after an abnormality occurs, it may cause irreversible equipment damage to the air compressor. It may also cause personal injury.
2. The air compressor must be installed on a ventilated, stable and solid working surface. In order to reduce noise and vibration, there must be a shock absorption device. At the same time, it should be used according to the correct operation method according to the performance of the purchased machine. The temperature in the air will also affect the operation of the air compressor machine. Then the lubricating oil must be used in accordance with the purchased machine instructions.
3. Avoid overload operation Overload operation of the unit will not only affect its operation efficiency and operation safety, but also lead to overload shutdown in severe cases. Not only that, the engine will also lead to accelerated wear under long-term load state.
4. It is recommended to clean the important parts of the air compressor every three months. Cleaning mainly includes: blowing dust and cleaning these two parts with water or cleaning agent. Maintenance of the air compressor should be done every six months. The maintenance content includes thoroughly removing dust and dirt from the outside of the compressor, checking and tightening the connecting bolts around the compressor, whether the grounding wire is in good condition, and checking whether the electrical circuit is aging or damaged. This can ensure the good operating efficiency of the air compressor and prolong the service life of the equipment. The above are the matters that must be paid attention to when using the air compressor. With the increase in the use time of the air compressor, the operating conditions will also decline year by year, various large and small faults will only increase, and the corresponding maintenance costs will also increase year by year. Therefore, we need to do a good job in the daily maintenance of the equipment.