The operation procedure of the diesel air compressor operating procedures:

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⑴The indication of each instrument, the oil level, oil temperature, oil pressure, water temperature, exhaust temperature and air pressure of each part should meet the requirements:    ①cooling water temperature does not exceed 30℃, outlet temperature does not exceed 40℃;   ②lubricating oil pressure is 98- 294Kpa;
③The oil temperature in the machine should not exceed 60℃ if there is a cross head, and should not exceed 70℃ if there is no cross head;
④The pressure of the primary cylinder is 176-216Kpa, and the pressure of the secondary cylinder is 784Kpa, which should not exceed 823Kpa;
⑤The bearing temperature does not exceed 8.5℃. The exhaust temperature does not exceed 160℃; ⑥The temperature rise of the motor does not exceed 60℃.
(2) The motor and mechanical parts should have no abnormal noise and vibration, the electrical parts should operate normally without overheating, and the indication of the ammeter should be within the specified range.
(3) The oiler should work normally.
⑷. There is no water leakage or air leakage in the intercooler and various pipelines.
⑸. The cooling water flow should be uniform, and there should be no intermittent exhaust and bubbles.
⑹. The pressure of unloader and safety valve shall not be changed after adjustment.
⑺, the water and oil in the intercooler and the gas storage tank should be discharged 2-3 times per shift.
⑻ All screws and   pins are not loose.
Precautions for the operation of the air compressor One of the following situations is found during the operation of the air compressor
When the machine is stopped, it should be stopped to check, troubleshoot, and return to normal:
①Sudden interruption of cooling water.
②The pressure of lubricating oil drops below 100Kpa or breaks suddenly.
③The secondary exhaust pressure or exhaust temperature exceeds the allowable range.
④The intermediate pressure exceeds the allowable range.
⑤ Lubricating oil temperature is too high.
⑥ The indication of the ammeter on the distribution panel suddenly exceeds the regulations.
⑦The compressor or motor makes abnormal sound.
⑧ There is a serious flashover between the slip ring of the motor and the brush.
⑨ The compressor has serious air leakage or water leakage.
The shutdown shall comply with the following regulations:
① Gradually close the unloading valve to make the air compressor run without load.
②The 1-20/8 type air compressor is disconnected from the power supply to stop the motor.
③L5.5-40/8 and 7L-100/8 air compressors, first open the secondary vent solenoid valve, reduce the secondary pressure, separate the stator circuit, return the pointer of the excitation device voltmeter and ammeter to zero, press The thyristor device button, after the excitation device is powered off, the operating power is cut off, and the motor stops.
④Turn off the water inlet valve of cooling water, about 15 minutes before it can be fully closed.
Precautions for air compressor shutdown operation rules 1. As long as the stop button is pressed, the air compressor will start to stop in a delayed state. At this time, the standby indicator light will flash, and after a period of time, the air compressor will automatically stop.
2. If the air compressor has been stopped during operation, it can be completely stopped after pressing the stop button.      3. After shutdown, close the shut-off valve of the air outlet of the air storage tank and discharge the sewage of the air storage tank;
4. After 5 minutes of shutdown, open the oil discharge ball valve to drain the condensed water of the oil and gas separator until oil flows out.