Top 10 detailsused water well drilling machine for sale

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Drilling is a huge project, and there are many precautions before, during and after drilling. Be sure to pay attention to details when drilling, otherwise there will be many problems during drilling, which will directly affect the process and effect of drilling. Therefore, in order for everyone to carry out the drilling project smoothly, today the Suzhou drilling team summarizes the ten details that must be paid attention to when drilling.
1. The drilling unit must drill holes first, and draw the drilling profile structure diagram (bar chart) by sampling.
2. According to the histogram: geological structure, make the upper pipe and water filter pipe of the well, and the diameter of the drill hole is not less than 300 mm.
3. After the well is drilled and piped, the filler backfill volume is 1.8-2.0 cubic meters, and it must be ensured that the outside of the well pipe wall is greater than 70 mm. The filter material is siliceous sand and pebbles without impurities. It is better to use the first-grade ingredients according to the particle size of the pebble (20-40 mm). When filling, the material is manually fed layer by layer, and mechanical backfilling of filter material is strictly prohibited, and soil is strictly prohibited from entering the well. Gravel filling method: Generally, circulating water or still water is used to fill gravel. If it is found that the amount and height of filter material filling are larger than the planned ones, find out the reasons and handle them properly, and record the filling results.
4. After the well is completed, the well pipe should be vertical and not inclined.
5. The thickness of the polyethylene plastic pipe wall of the well pipe is 8 mm. The well pipe adopts a drilling filter, the drilling hole is 18-20 mm, and the drilling rate is not less than 25%. The well pipe is overlapped and the filter screen is fixed. The well pipe is lapped with screw joints, drilled φ8mm holes, and installed φ10mm screws. The mesh of the filter mesh is about 25 meshes, and the filter mesh is wrapped in 2 layers.
6. The upper part of the pebble filter material is more than 5 meters higher than the filter, and the rest except the filter part is backfilled with clay.
7. After the well is completed, the well should be cleaned first and then the pumping test should be done. The pumping test time is 24 hours of continuous pumping. The water output and water quality meet the design requirements.
8. During the drilling process, the construction unit should do a good job in the description of each link of the whole drilling process, that is, detailed construction records, geological histograms, the results of particle analysis of aquifer sand samples and filter materials, the layout of well pipes and water filters, and wells. Pipe connection methods and other information (including video or photo data), and do a good job of pumping test records.
9. If the above technical requirements need to be modified due to special circumstances, the design requirements should be prompted according to the Technical Specifications for Motor-Driven Wells (SL256-2000) and reported to the water conservancy department for approval. Before the construction unit starts drilling a well, it must go to the Ministry of Water Resources and Construction to go through the relevant procedures for the drilling and construction.
10. The length of the well pipe must be full feet. The depth of the well pipe must reach 30 meters for a 30-meter deep machined well, and the depth of the well pipe must reach 40 meters for a 40-meter deep machined well. If the number of feet is insufficient, no construction fee will be paid.
1. After the acceptance is passed, all of them will be handed over to the operation station for management and use, and listed as the fixed asset management of the operation station.
2. Each production station should establish a management organization; formulate rules and regulations; train technical teams; establish technical files; do a good job in the maintenance and repair of wells, equipment and field projects; implement scientific water use; conduct economic accounting to promote agricultural production.
3. The operation station shall be responsible for the management of the well. It is necessary to set up a well management group, which is in charge of the operation station head.
4. In case of man-made damage to the well (such as well pipe filling, stealing well cover, etc.), the cost of re-drilling shall be borne by the operation station.
5. The operation station is responsible for safety education and safety signing for the drilling team, and no safety accident shall occur.