Sirc air compressor operation and precautions

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Sirc air compressor operation – start-up operation
1. Check whether the oil level of the oil and gas barrel is in the normal position (more than 2/3 of the oil level gauge, between the upper and lower limits), and drain the water in the oil barrel
2. Check the pressure switch pressure limiter, the main engine pressure is set at 0.75MPa and the pressure difference is controlled at 0.2Mpa. The auxiliary machine pressure is set at 0.65Mpa, and the pressure difference is controlled at 0.15Mpa
3. Check that each component group of the air compressor body is in good condition
4. Rotate the motor shaft counterclockwise several times by hand to confirm that the motor shaft is not stuck, and remove the lubricating oil to prevent the air compressor from being burnt due to heavy load startup.
5. The water and gas separator is drained and closed after the water is drained
6. The dryer is drained and closed after the water is drained
7. The precision filter is drained and closed after the water is drained;
8. Open the air valve of the air compressor outlet and all the valves on the pipeline
9. Open the inlet and outlet valve of the dryer (the inlet/outlet ball valve of the other dryer should be closed)
10. Each fault indicator light of the air compressor is off (1. Oil level of oil and gas drum 2. Oil filter 3. Air filter indication 4. Oil fine separator 5. Exhaust high temperature indication)
11. Confirm that the power switch is turned off and power on, press the “ON” button of the air compressor, and the air compressor will start
12. After the air compressor is started, confirm whether the air compressor is running normally
Air compressor operation-shutdown operation
1. Press the OFF button of the air compressor to stop the air compressor
2. Turn off the dryer.
3. After the air compressor is completely shut down, check that the maintenance doors are closed.
4. Turn off the power switch
5. When the air compressor is running abnormally or has abnormal sound, press the emergency stop button to stop the air compressor
1. Whether the indication signals are normal
2. Whether the drainage system is normal
3. Whether the air pressure operating pressure is maintained between 0.55Mpa~0.75MPa
4. Look at the operation of the dryer, observe the pressure of the high and low pressure ends of the refrigerant, and whether the pressure on each instrument and pipeline is indicated at the normal operating position
5. Eliminate impurities in the stop valve under the water separator of the second dryer per shift
6. When the gas consumption is too large, two air compressors should be started to ensure the normal operation of each equipment
7. The precision filter is drained once a week, and the main filter is cleaned once a week
8. Set its calibration pressure gauge and safety valve
9. When the pressure parameters of the air compressor are changed and there are special circumstances in the air compressor, the monitor and class supervisor must be notified
10. Before gas supply or gas stop, the unit on duty must notify the user in advance
Abnormal handling “Electrical fault light” light on treatment method: immediately notify the maintenance personnel to check and repair, public class employees are not allowed to deal with the “exhaust high temperature” light on without permission. Whether the temperature meets the requirements, whether the ambient temperature is too high, whether the oil cooler and filter are blocked, whether the thermal control valve and cooling fan are working properly, and whether the radiator is clean, take corresponding measures to eliminate the fault, and return to normal use as soon as possible. ” indicator light treatment method: The pressure setting of the air compressor should be adjusted appropriately according to the pressure range of the production air to avoid the occurrence of an empty car for a long time
“Air filter” indicator light is on Processing method: Stop to clean or replace the air filter and then start the car “Fine oil separator” indicator light on Processing method: Stop and replace the oil fine separator and restart the car
“Oil filter” indicator light is on Processing method: stop to replace the oil filter and restart the car
“Exhaust high temperature” and “electrical failure” are processed and recovered to indicate that the reset button on the disk is reset