Precautions for new air compressor for sale in summer

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1. Protective measures
1. Pay attention to the cooler. Be sure to ensure that the cooler works normally and can provide a good cooling effect.
2. Pay attention to timely inspection and find the mechanical failure of the air compressor, such as whether the intake and exhaust valves are in good condition, and the hand crank should be flexible and not stuck.
3. Regularly check the lubricating oil system, and timely find problems such as deterioration of lubricating oil, inappropriate oil level, and low oil pressure of oil pump.
4. If it is a water-cooled air compressor, please ensure that the temperature of the cooling water is qualified, the water flow is smooth, and the flow rate is sufficient; if it is an air-cooled air compressor, please ensure the air circulation of the entire working environment, and a cooling fan can be equipped if necessary.
5. To prevent the high temperature failure of the air compressor, the bearing is the key. Therefore, we need to always ensure that the bearing can work normally, the quality of the bearing lubricating oil is qualified, and the oil level is normal.
Maintenance common sense
The common problem of air compressors in summer is high temperature. We need to change the air filter element, oil filter and oil filter element frequently to ensure the quantity and quality of lubricating oil. Clean the cooler and oil shut-off valve frequently to ensure that it is not blocked. Ventilation conditions, try to reduce the temperature of the air compressor room, it is best to maintain it below 35 degrees. Electrical connection lines, contactors, etc. should be checked frequently to prevent overheating and short circuit.
1. The replacement time of compressor cooling oil depends on the use environment, humidity, dust and air
Whether there is acid or alkaline gas in it. The newly purchased air compressor must be replaced with new oil after the first 500 hours of operation, and then every 4,000 hours according to the normal oil change cycle.
2. The oil filter must be replaced in the first 300-500 hours of operation, and the second time it is used
2000 hours to replace, after that, it will be replaced every 2000 hours according to the normal time.
3. When repairing and replacing the air filter or intake valve, remember to prevent any debris from falling into the main compressor.
inside the machine cavity. When operating, close the entrance of the main unit. After the operation is completed, you need to rotate the main unit several times in the direction of rotation by hand to make sure that there is no obstruction before it can be turned on.
4. The tightness of the belt must be checked every 2000 hours of operation of the machine, if the belt is too loose.
Adjust until the belt is tensioned. In order to protect the belt, it is necessary to prevent the belt from being scrapped due to oil contamination during the whole process.
5. Every time the oil is changed, the oil filter must be replaced at the same time.