Air Compressor Safety Instructions

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1. Keep the workplace: Messy and child-free can easily lead to accidents.
2. Pay attention to the workplace environment: a. The air compressor should not be left to the wind and rain, and should not work in a damp and dark place, and should not work in a place where flammable and explosive liquid gases and dusty places are stored.
3. Beware of electric shock: When using the air compressor, please do not let your body touch grounded objects
4. Keep outsiders/children away: Do not let children who have nothing to do with the work get close to the air compressor, so as to cause injury or electric shock.
5. Take good care of the machine: Air compressors that are not in use should be released from the air and sewage in the air storage tank and stored in a dry environment.
6. Do not use the machine forcefully: operate according to the calibrated voltage, speed or load on the air compressor, the effect will be better and safer.
7. Protect the cable: Do not pull the cable to pull out the plug from the power supply. The cable should be kept away from heat sources and oil, and avoid contact with sharp objects.
8. Properly maintain the machine: the filter should be cleaned in time according to the usage, and the accessories and cables should be checked regularly, and the damage should be replaced immediately. The machine should be kept dry and oil-free so that it can give full play to its performance.
9. Cut off the power in time: When not in use after get off work, develop the habit of cutting off the power in time. When moving the air compressor, the power switch must be turned off.
10. Anti-overpressure start: It is strictly forbidden to use overpressure. The maximum pressure of the air compressor is 8 BAR and the safe pressure relief is 8.8 BAR when it leaves the factory. Otherwise, the gas storage tank will explode.
11. Warning: Use of genuine accessories other than Dasheng brand may easily cause damage to the air compressor and even personal injury.
12. Power supply voltage: It should be noted that the power supply voltage is consistent with the voltage on the nameplate of the air compressor. When the power supply voltage is higher than the applicable voltage of the air compressor, it may cause personal accidents and damage the air compressor. When the power supply voltage is lower than the applicable voltage of the air compressor, it will cause poor starting and even damage the motor.
13. The compressor can only be used for pressurized air, under no circumstances can it handle other gases, and cannot be used to pump liquids, particles, solids and any flammable substances that may cause explosions.
14. Do not smoke flammable and explosive gases or operate in environments containing these gases.