Air Compressor Safety Operating Regulations

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1. Before operation, the pulley should be turned by hand to see if there is any fault in its rotation.
2. Before starting, the air valve should be opened first, and then the power supply should be turned on to start the motor to make the air compressor idle.
If the rotation of the fan wheel is found to be wrong, it should be stopped immediately.
3. After starting, check whether the automatic air pressure switch works normally, otherwise it should not be used.
4. During use, do not adjust the rated pressure of the automatic air pressure switch at will to prevent the air compressor from being overloaded.
load operation.
5. Do not knock and disassemble the pressure gauge at will, so as not to cause the instrument to be inaccurate and cause unexpected failures.
6. If the three-phase current of the motor is found to be unbalanced, it should be stopped immediately, and the cause should be identified and the fault eliminated.
After that, it can be restarted.
7. It is strictly forbidden to cut off the power supply when the compressor is in normal operation.
Use up the compressed air in the air tank to facilitate starting again.
8. It is strictly forbidden to place the compressor in an environment with high temperature (above 40. C), poor ventilation and high humidity.