Air Compressors Sale Safety Operating Regulations

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1. Before starting
1. Check whether each moving part is flexible, whether each connecting part is tight, whether the lubrication system is normal, and whether the motor and electrical control equipment are safe and reliable.
2. Before operating the air compressor, check whether the protective devices and safety accessories are in good condition.
3. Connect the water source, open each water inlet valve to make the cooling water unblocked.
4. Check whether the exhaust pipe is smooth.
5. Check the oil amount in the oiler, the oil amount should not be lower than the scale line value, and the lubricating oil in the oil pool should be within the scale range.
6. Operators are not allowed to wear loose clothes, ties and jewelry (safety hats are required for long hair), female rainbows should wear work caps, and the cuffs must be fastened and arranged before operation.
Clothes, button up.
2. During operation
1. Ensure that the air compressor starts under no-load state, and after the no-load operation is normal, gradually make the air compressor enter the load operation.
2. After normal operation, you should always pay attention to the readings of various instruments and adjust them at any time. Check whether the temperature of the motor is normal, whether the running sound of each part is normal, and whether the suction
Whether the air valve cover is hot, and whether the sound of the suction valve is normal.
3. After the air compressor has been operated for 2 hours, the oil and water in the oil-water separator, the intercooler and the after-cooler need to be discharged – – times, and the oil and water in the air storage tank must be discharged – – times per shift.
4. When operating the air compressor, it should be noted that after long-term deactivation, before starting for the first time, it must be checked by cranking, and pay attention to whether there is any phenomenon such as collision, jamming or abnormal noise.
3. After the operation is completed.
After the work is completed, press the stop button immediately, wait for the indicator light to go out and cut off the power supply. Note that the operator must wait for the machine to stop completely before leaving.
4. Emergencies
1. When it is found that the lubricating oil is terminated or the cooling water is terminated during the operation of the air compressor, the water temperature suddenly rises or falls, the exhaust pressure suddenly rises, and the safety valve fails, it should be immediately
That is, shut down, find out the cause, and eliminate it.
2. In the event of an equipment safety accident, the power supply should be immediately cut off for local rescue, and the accident site should be protected and reported immediately.