Rig Maintenance and Maintenance

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Drilling rig maintenance is an important task, it can ensure the efficient operation of the drilling rig and prolong the drilling rig
Diesel Engine Maintenance
Regular maintenance of the diesel engine is a necessary guarantee for the use of the diesel engine in food care, and the bear keeps the diesel engine in good condition.
Operation status, prolong the service life, must be carefully implemented maintenance e
Shift maintenance 8-12 hours — times
Level 1 technical maintenance once every 100-150 hours
Secondary technical maintenance 800-1200 hours once-once.
Shift maintenance
1. Do not use untreated water as engine coolant.
2. Check the coolant level and oil dipstick before starting each construction, and drain the oil-water separator.
3. The starting time of the starter should not exceed 30 seconds, and the continuous starting time should be 2 minutes apart. every day
After the first start, the machine should be warmed up at a medium and low speed for 5 minutes before loading work, and this must be done when the temperature is below 0°C.
4. It is forbidden to run the diesel engine with a large throttle in the cold engine, and the speed of the diesel engine should be gradually increased during cold start;
Do not run the diesel engine when the oil pressure is too low; the idle running time of the diesel engine should not exceed 10 minutes, and it should be idle for 3-5 minutes before shutting down.
5. After the rig is used for 50 hours for the first time, the lubricating oil, oil filter and fuel must be replaced.
Filter, clean the air filter element, if the filter element is damaged, replace it.
6. Check the oil pan, fuel injection pump and oil level. If the oil is insufficient, add it to the specified value. If the oil level rises, find out the cause and eliminate it. There is a possibility that the oil level rises, one is that diesel oil penetrates into the oil, the oil becomes thinner, and the other is that the cooling water penetrates into the oil, and the oil becomes milky white.
7. Check and tighten the exposed bolts and nuts of the diesel engine to eliminate oil leakage, water leakage and air leakage.
8. When the temperature is lower than +2°C, drain the cooling water after shutdown to prevent the diesel engine from freezing and cracking.
9. In a dusty working environment, remove the dust on the air filter.
10. Remove dirt, dust and oil from the outside of the diesel engine.
11. When the diesel engine is running, pay attention to the sound, observe the color of exhaust smoke, faults and abnormal phenomena.
First-level technical maintenance
1. Perform all items of shift maintenance.
2. For the dust in the air and dust pan, replace the oil in the oil floating air filter.
3. Clean the oil filter element with clean diesel oil.
4. Add lubricating oil to the water pump bearing.
5. Check all parts of the diesel engine and make adjustments as needed.
Secondary technical maintenance
1. All items of first-level technical maintenance.
2. Change the oil and clean the diesel oil pan.
3. Clean the oil filter and replace the filter element.
4. Clean the fuel tank: the filter screen and pipeline of the fuel pump, replace the filter element of the diesel engine
5. Clean the inner cavity of the supercharger casing, the compressor impeller, and the moving parts and fasteners.
6. Check and adjust the valve clearance.
7. Check the fuel injection opening pressure and spray quality. If the fuel injection is not fully atomized, adjust it.
8. Check and lock the cylinder head, nuts and bolts.
9. Check the fuel supply advance angle of the fuel injection pump and adjust it according to the situation