used water drilling rig machine installation method and safety technical requirements:

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(1) Drilling: The diameter of the drilled hole is 28mm, the depth is 6000mm, and the allowable deviation of the hole depth is 0~
+200mm, the allowable deviation of eye position is ±150mm. The drilling tools use Australian pneumatic bolting rigs; during the drilling process, the wind pressure should be controlled at an even speed, and the rising speed should not be too fast; it is strictly forbidden to stand under and on the left side of the tools during drilling to prevent people from being injured when drilling crookedly or when the drill is broken. The drilling of the anchor cable is to pass through the soft layer and anchor it into the hard rock for more than 1000mm.
(2) Installation: put no less than three pieces of resin anchoring agent in each hole, one piece of MSCKA23/600Q/YZK003 type and two pieces of MSK23/600YZK003 type, respectively, use anchor cables to push into the bottom of the hole.
(3) Stirring: fix the anchoring device to the end of the anchor cable, and then connect the anchoring cable and the drilling rig through the anchoring device.
After the connection is complete, start the drilling rig, slowly inject the anchor cable into the bottom of the hole while rotating, and the stirring time is 50s.
(4) Prestressing: After 10 minutes of injecting the anchor cable, install the anchor cable tray and anchor head, and place the jack,
After the oil pump and oil pipe are connected, the oil drain valve is tightly controlled, the reversing valve is opened to the pressurized position, and the end of the anchor cable is inserted into the jack. The jack should be pressed against the anchor head, and a special person should hold it before the jack is pressurized. After the oil pump is pressurized and the jack bites the anchor cable, all personnel should be evacuated from the jack within 3m to prevent the jack, pallet, or rock fall from hurting people. After pressing to the design preload, release the pressure relief valve and the pressure gauge is zero. Hold the jack by a special person, then tighten the pressure relief valve, turn the reversing valve to the pressure relief position, and pressurize the oil pump until the jack is removed.
(5) Quality standard of anchor cable: the exposed length shall not be less than 100 mm and shall not exceed 350 mm; anchor cable angle.
The allowable deviation is 5°; the allowable deviation of the row spacing between the anchor cables is 150mm; the anchoring force of the anchor cables is not less than 180KN.