Operation Precautions for Bolting Rig Water Drilling Machine

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1. Preparations before drilling:
(1) Check the drilling rig before use, check whether each operator handle is stuck, and deal with the problem immediately.
(2) Add 30# oil into the oiler.
(3) Adjust the feng shui switch to the off state, flush the dust from the joint, connect the ventilation water, and check the water supply system.
(4) Put the machine upright, start the neutral gear, check whether the components are running normally, and check the expansion and contraction of the air legs.
(5) Check the feng shui linkage and the silencer of the air motor.
(6) Check whether the drill pipe is straight, whether it is blocked, and whether the drill bit is sharp.
2. Drill hole:
(1) Insert the drill pipe and slowly raise the drill until it is close to the top plate.
(2) Pull the motor wrench to make the motor rotate, and then open the water control valve.
(3) Control the drilling speed and advancing speed, and gradually adjust to the maximum.
(4) After the eyes, turn off the feng shui, turn the motor slowly, and fall back to the air legs.
3. Notes:
(1) It is strictly forbidden to knock, squeeze or throw the bolting rig.
(2) It is strictly forbidden to stretch the legs when the machine is placed horizontally. When checking the telescopic function of the air legs at all levels, it must be upright, and no one is allowed in the direction of the telescopic axis of the air legs.
(3) When operating the drilling rig, you must spread your legs, hold the handle firmly, and tie the cuffs of your clothes. It is strictly forbidden to have someone under the drill before drilling to prevent the drill from being broken.
(4) After the work is completed, the machine must be withdrawn to a safe place to be erected and stabilized, and the machine must be inspected and maintained.
(5) When the machine fails, it must be repaired in time, and the well must be lifted for maintenance when it cannot be repaired underground.
(6) All operators must be trained and qualified before they can take up their posts.
(7) During the whole bolt support process, it must be carried out in a safe place under the protection of the temporary support of the front exploration beam, and a special person should be assigned to observe the roof, support and safety conditions, and deal with the problem immediately.
(8) Each shift shall set up a special person to inspect the roadway after construction, and deal with it in time if any problem is found.
(9) Before injecting the anchor rod, the operator must check the integrity of the equipment used, otherwise it cannot be used.
(10) In the process of bolt injection, once the injection of the bolt is blocked, no hard injection is allowed.