How to check the cause of excessive temperature when the drilling rig is rotating?

Here are the troubleshooting and solutions for the rig: Construction was carried out at an ambient temperature of 35°C. After 3 hours of continuous operation, the hydraulic oil temperature reaches 80°C, the screen it displays an alarm and stops.

The preliminary analysis of Chongqing Zhigao drilling rig rental is mainly due to the overheating or insufficient heat dissipation capacity generated by the hydraulic system. The pressurized oil from the gear pump 1 drives the fan motor 4 to rotate the fan through the radiator valve block, the valve 2 acts as a valve and a buffer valve, and the electromagnetic reversing valve 3 controls the opening and closing temperature sensor 8 of the radiator oil circuit. Check hydraulic oil temperature.

When the temperature of the hydraulic oil is lower than 40°C, the solenoid valve 3 is disabled, the working oil is turned on and off, and the fan does not rotate;

when the temperature of the hydraulic oil exceeds 45°C, the solenoid valve 3 is activated. The working oil passage is connected, the fan rotates (the radiator fan is in the suction state) and the fan pushes a large amount of air flow to remove the heat in the hydraulic oil radiator core 5 to maintain the heat balance in the hydraul ic system.

The controller collects the oil temperature signal in real time, when the oil temperature reaches 75°C, it will issue an alarm and stop at 80°C to prevent the system from overheating and causing the pipeline or related components to damage the hydraulic pressure.
Check valve 6 is used as a bypass valve to ensure the operation of the cooling system:
First, the actual temperature of the hydraulic oil is detected by an infrared thermometer.

The detection point is the tank surface on the suction side of the gear pump

1 . After 1 hour of application of the rotary drilling rig, the detected temperature of the hydraulic oil is 70°C, and the screen shows that the oil temperature is 71°C, indicating that the oil temperature sensor is working normally.

Secondly, verify that the hydraulic oil is transparent and not deteriorated; confirm that the hydraulic oil radiator 5 is clean and does not accumulate a lot of dirt; confirm that the fan blades are intact; when the engine is running, place the paper on the outer surface of the hydraulic oil radiator 5 , draws in very quickly, indicating good suction from the cooling fan. Check whether the hydraulic components are abnormal.
Check whether the inlet pressure of the fan motor 4 is normal (8.0MPa); check the maximum working speed of the power head and the main lift; by detecting the power head and the main lift under the large working pressure, the lift release pressure of the main lift is only 24.0MPa. (Normally 28.0 MP a)

This means that the system is often flooded, which makes the hydraulic oil hot. In addition, confirm that the main lift valve is damaged, and the fault disappears after replacing the valve.

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