What are the hazards of insufficient lubricating oil for screw air compressors?

Insufficient amount of lubricating oil, also known as “lack of oil”, is one of the most easily identified air compressor failures. When the Chigo screw air compressor discharges the compressed air, it also entrains a small part of the lubricating oil. This phenomenon is unavoidable, but its speed will be different, and the discharged lubricating oil will not come back, which will cause oil shortage over time.

  • If lubricating oil is not added in time, it will easily lead to insufficient lubrication of the air compressor, so that the transfer will be in direct contact and the bearing will be damaged, etc.
    failure occurs.
  • If the amount of lubricating oil in the Chigo screw air compressor is insufficient, it is common that the bearing is lack of oil and necrosis.
  • For screw air compressors that have been shut down for a long time, the amount of lubricating oil inside the compressor head is often insufficient. If you turn it on rashly, it is easy to cause the engine head to be short of oil instantly, causing the host to get stuck. Therefore, for the screw air compressor that has been shut down for a long time, it is necessary to add enough lubricating oil to the head before starting.
  • If there is insufficient oil or oil shortage in the air compressor, it will affect the operation of the air compressor under high temperature for a long time.
  • In addition, the lack of oil in the air compressor may also cause the noise, vibration or excessive current of the air compressor.
    Correct use of screw air compressor lubricating oil can effectively increase the service life of the air compressor, reduce the maintenance cost of the air compressor, and save considerable expenses for the enterprise.



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