Safe operation of rotary drilling rig

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1. The construction site of the mountain should be reasonably arranged, the site should be leveled, and the sundries should be removed.
2. Before or during the operation, the operator is forbidden to drink alcohol, take medicine or eat any food that may impair the ability to operate.
3. Before the drilling rig begins to drill, the operator must not observe and understand the stratum section of the working area
4. During work, all drilling rig staff must wear safety helmets, work clothes and work shoes.
5. Before starting, the operator must complete the corresponding content of the regular guarantee of this class.
6. When starting, let the engine idle for 2 minutes and 5 minutes in winter, check whether the instruments and indicators of the instrument are normal. If there is no abnormality, the drilling can be carried out normally.
7. During operation, blind pressurization is prohibited, the lifting pressure should be controlled at about 300 Pa, and the rotational pressure should be controlled at about 100 Pa.
8. Always pay attention to whether the wire ropes are arranged in an orderly manner on the main winch.
9. Always pay attention to the working condition of the joint. If the wire rope is found to be twisted, the joint should be checked and replaced if necessary.
10. Always pay attention to the working conditions of the drill pipe. If there is a phenomenon that it cannot be recovered or released, or if there are other abnormal conditions, it should be reported to the leader on duty immediately, and should not be handled blindly.
11. During work, any red light (when the indicator light is abnormally lit) should be stopped for inspection, the cause can be found out, and the work can be continued after repairing.
12. When using the soil dumping motor, you should press and hold the electric control button on the handle first. After the system pressure rises to 15 Pa, slowly operate the handle to the maximum position; when stopping, you should first slowly return the handle, and then release the button. . It is strictly forbidden to release the electric control button suddenly when the handle has not returned to its original position.
13. After the completion of the project, the drilling rig must be cleaned, and special attention should be paid to cleaning the sediment inside the drill pipe.
14. In the rainy season, there must be drainage measures at the work site.
15. In the event of strong winds or thunderstorms above level 6, the mast should be lowered, the power should be turned off, and any operations should be stopped.