Precautions for maintenance and overhaul of Chigo Water Well Drilling Rig

1. All maintenance, inspection or repair should be classified and recorded in detail.
2. The dismantled and washed parts are properly replaced as they are. The parts that are disassembled first and then installed, and those that are disassembled first are run-in. Since the parts have been run-in for a long time, the same parts cannot be interchanged.
Such as pistons, connecting rods, bearing bushes, etc., and should be marked when dismantling.
3. When dismantling and assembling, do not knock at random, especially the friction surfaces.
4. It is best to use diesel or kerosene when cleaning parts. Generally, gasoline is not used. The oil must be wiped clean and run without load. To put it into normal operation, kerosene is used to clean the cylinder.
5. Prevent debris, cotton yarn, tools, etc. from staying in the oil pool, cylinder pipeline or gas storage tank.
6. The air compressor after regular maintenance must go through idling and test drive, and can only be put into official operation after the inspection is normal.
7. The first-level maintenance is carried out by the operator, and the second-level maintenance is generally carried out by maintenance workers and senior operators. If the conditions are met, the third-level maintenance is mainly carried out by the on-site senior operators.
Maintenance, which helps to find problems and solve them in a timely manner, but also saves time, labor and maintenance costs.

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