Why does the air compressor exhaust smell?

In modern industry, air compressors have been widely used, because using air compressors as power is not only convenient in use, but also can improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity and save labor during construction. Although the use of an air compressor has many advantages, it is a machine after all, so it is common to have problems in use, but recently, the air compressor has a peculiar smell when it is exhausted, which worries many users. , technician needle
Make a specific analysis of the peculiar smell (odor) of Fusheng air compressor exhaust
1. Into the air
Many factories use chemical substances, and after these chemical substances change, the air will contain acidic substances, so it is necessary to check whether there is any chemical gas or chemical dust around.
2. Polar anti-wear additives:
The mineral oil used contains polar anti-wear additives. The polar anti-wear additives are mainly acidic (containing phosphorus/sulfur/chlorine), and the air contains a large amount of oxygen at high temperature. The polar anti-wear additives are oxidized to produce foul gas. , It is generally not recommended to use it in the case of high temperature, just like the use of ordinary gear oil on high temperature chains, the workshop is full of odors.
3. Alternative oils
Some manufacturers add pigments that are not resistant to high temperature in order to make them green, and most of the pigments contain elements such as phosphorus/sulfur/chlorine, which are oxidized at high temperatures and cause odor or malodorous gas.
4. Oil deterioration
Then if the oil has deteriorated, how should we conduct inspection and analysis? At this time, we should test the oil first, which can directly reflect the problem. The detection of oil deterioration is generally analyzed from the following aspects: filter membrane analysis, solid impurities, changes in oil viscosity and acid value, and phosphorus/sulfur/chlorine content.
5. Incorrect use of rubber hoses
The rubber hose may be neoprene, the high-temperature lubricating oil dissolves it, and the chlorine oxidizes at high temperature, producing an odor or foul gas. The possible reason is that the synthetic compressor oil of diester is used. The diester is easy to hydrolyze and is relatively corrosive. Generally, rubber is easy to dissolve and expand at high temperature. Neoprene rubber is generally not recommended for use in high temperature and pressure environments. .
The above are the possible reasons for the odor of the air compressor exhaust. These are for reference only in the actual problem solving process. When using an air compressor, you should also pay attention to regular
Clean up the air compressor site. If the air compressor work site is due to accumulation for a long time, this problem will also occur. Therefore, when using the air compressor, you should pay more attention to the environment around the air compressor and carry out regular cleaning, so as to make the air compressor work well.

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