Precautions for safe operation of drilling rigs

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A. Basic operation of drilling rigs
1. Push the handle of the oil motor rotary operator forward, the gyrator rotates forward; pull the handle backward, the gyrator
Reverse; stop when handlebar is in neutral position.
2.- The operating handle of the chuck and the gripper is pushed forward, the gripper is released, and the chuck is clamped; the handle
Pull back, the chuck is released, and the holder is clamped; when the handle is in the middle position, both the chuck and the holder are closed.
3. The feeding and pulling operation handle is pushed forward, and the rotator moves forward, that is, feeding; the handle is pulled back,
When the gyrator moves backward, it is pulled up; when the handle is in the middle position, the gyrator floats.
B. Add the drill pipe
1. When connecting the drill pipe, the drilling rig must be stopped.
2. Check the drill pipe, the drill pipe should not be blocked, not bent, the screw thread is not worn, and the unqualified shall not be allowed.
3. After removing the water braid, align the thread when connecting the drill pipe to avoid damage to the drill pipe caused by skew.
and air leaks.
4. After the drill pipe is tightened and the wind (water) braid is installed, the drilling rig can be started for drilling.
C. Lifting work
1. Before the normal drilling, punching must be carried out to remove the drilling chips in the hole.
2. When flushing the drilled hole, the pressure air should be turned on slowly to prevent a large amount of gas in the hole from being blown out suddenly.
The gas exceeds the limit, or it may lead to the accumulation of coal and rock powder in the hole and cause a stuck drill accident. ,
3. When pulling out the drill, the drill must be rotated and withdrawn, and it is strictly forbidden to drag the drill pipe directly from the hole.
4. To dismantle the drill pipe, at least two people are required to work together, one to operate the drilling rig and the other to cooperate with the unloading of the drill pipe.
5. When unloading the drill pipe, if the screw of the drill pipe is too tight and cannot be rotated, use a copper hammer or a wooden hammer to hit the connection of the drill pipe to loosen the screw. It is strictly forbidden to use iron to strike the drill pipe to avoid sparks.