Portable Small Air Compressor

There are four main using types of small powerful portable air compressor: compressed air as power, compressed gas for refrigeration and gas separation, compressed gas for synthesis and polymerization, and gas transportation. ANBIT portable small air compressor is usually used in construction, urban road construction, sandblasting and shot peeling. The small compact air compressor can be used in a small range of demolition, drilling, surface treatment.
Product Features Of ANBIT Portable Small Compact Air Compressor:

1. Special design for narrow space applications such as tunnels and subways.
2. Easy assembly and disassembly for easy transportation.
3. Air cooling or water cooling systems to choose for different environment.
4. Super strong protection of power pack for the worst air environment.
5. The small mobile screw compressor adopts automatic operation and protection system
6. Super large power capacity for longer life.

Applications of Portable Air Compressors for Sale
ABT supplies small portable air compressors on many applications such as road building, restoration work, civil engineering or other challenging and other construction applications. In busy urban areas, a low-noise compressor would be the most beneficial and your compressor must be small and compact. Our compact portable industrial portable air compressor will meet all these needs, with features of small but heavy duty and high efficiency.


 Specification Of Air Portable Compressor
SKY Model Nominal Pressure (Mpa) F.A.D m³/min Noise dB (A) Outlet Temperature (℃) Oil Content ppm Motor Power Kw(HP) Weight (wet, excl.fuel) (kg) Unit Dimensions (overall). LxWxH (mm) Drive Mode
22SKY-6 0.6 4.6 70 ≤ environment+8 ≤3 22(30) 550 1900X920X1160 Belt
30SKY-8 0.8 5 70 ≤ environment+8 ≤3 30(40) 550 1900X920X1160 Belt
30SKY-8 0.8 5 70 ≤ environment+8 ≤3 30(40) 550 1900X920X1160 Direct Acting
45SKY-7 0.7 7 75 ≤ environment+8 ≤3 45(60) 850 1900X920X1250 Belt



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