Skid-Mounted Diesel Air Compressor

The skid mounted air compressor has a skid-mounted base, which is convenient to connect with other transport equipment. It is mainly suitable for the workplace in where we need frequently to move device for long-distance. The skid-mounted mobile mechanic air compressor is prevented from vibration processing, ensuring its reliability during frequent site changing. It can adapt to complex and changeable scenes.

Features Of Skid Mounted Compressor:

1. Cummins or Yuchai engines.
2. Automatic control and protection system.
3. No omission of capacity control.
4. Error free capacity control.
5. All weather models for high altitude operations(customization available for above 5500 m high altitude applications by ZEGA only).
6. High quality filtration system with safety filters.


Specification Of Skid Mounted Diesel Air Compressor
Model Nominal Pressure (Mpa) F.A.D (Free Air Delivery) (m³/min) ppm Oil Content Diesel Power Kw (HP) Weight (wet excl.fule) (kg) Dimensions (overall), LxWxH (mm)
S55 1.7 17 ≤6 191(260) 3420 3720X1970X2550
China national standard
Two stage compression
20 ≤6 221(300) 3720 3380X1870X2170
S95D 2.3
Two stage compression
27 ≤6 295(400) 4270 3660X2000X2500
China national standard
Two stage compression
29.5 ≤6 309(420) 4430 3700X1950X2280
China national standard
Two stage compression
30 ≤6 368(500) 4980 3850X1950X2380
China national standard
Two stage compression
35 ≤6 375(510) 5300 3850X2010X2150



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