UP45 Drilling Jumbo

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Product Features Of UP45 Drilling Jumbo:

1. ZEGA UP45 crawler DTH drill rig is ZEGA self developed new mid to deep hole professional and high efficient underground drill rig, priarily used in underground mining, rescue & relief work, hydro construction, & railway bolting etc.
2. UP45 with working ability & feature of imported drill rig, combined with domestic mid to deep hole drilling process & market needs.With low one time purchase cost, low operation & maintenance cost, and many choices of consumables. Easy to operate.
3. Imported key hydraulic & electrical components for product reliability under severe work environment.Market approved control system for reliable & stable performance.
4. With diesel & electric dual power packs, diesel engine for tramming, with fast / slow tramming speeds.Electric motor for drilling, energy saving & low noise
5. Water mist dust collector for improving work environment. Water flow adjustable according to actual work condition with water shortage warning.

 Applications Of UP45 Underground Jumbo Drill:

ANBIT provides various types of mining jumbo machine for applications in drilling rocks, concrete, bricks, etc.. during different mining conditions. Contact us for expert advice in choosing the suitable underground jumbo to meet your needs.


 Main Technical Specifications Of UP45 Drilling Jumbo

Dimension 6000*2400*2550mm
Weight 8000kg
Turning radius 360°
Gradient 30°
Tramming speed 1.5m/3km/h Dual speed
Power Pack
Diesel engine 58KW
Electric motor 55KW
Service fact 1.2
Hole diameter 90-130mm
Hole depth 0-30m
Pipe diameter 76/68mm
Nos. of pipes 20根ea
Drill pipe length 1.5m(Collaring)
Air pressure 10-25bar
Max. Feed force 25kN
Feed travel length 1820mm
Max. Pull up force 25kN
Feed beam total length 3270mm
Max. torque(315motor) 2200/2600Nm
RPM(315motor) 68-103rpm
Max. torque(400motor) 2800/3300Nm
RPM(400motor) 54-81rpm
Feed position
Tilt forward 30o
Tilt backward 60o
Rotation angle 360o
Feed extension 1740mm
Electrical data
Voltage 380V,Optional配660V
Ammeter Yes
Starting type Star-delta
Phase sequence protection Phase sequenc warning! Do not start!
Electric Motor overload protection Yes
Leakage protection Yes
Voltmeter Yes
Cable reel capacity 36



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