ZGYX-420/425SC Bolting Rig

ZGYX-420/425SC Bolting Rigs are mainly used in landslides and dangerous rock mass anchoring projects in the prevention and control of various geological disasters in hydropower stations, railways, and highway slopes, and are especially suitable for high slope rock mass anchoring projects. The power head can be changed slightly to facilitate all-round construction.

Product Features Of ZGYX-420/425SC Bolting Rig:

1. The supporting power standard of this type of drill is yuchai four-cylinder YC4D80 and motor 55KW.
Standard size of 76mm diameter three-meter drill pipe or a variety of optional twist drill pipe, wood, electric dual – use models, power switch at any time.
2. The rotary head is driven by the high-torque double cycloidal motor, which reduces the failure rate and bulky volume of the original steel ball motor.
It greatly increases the torque of the drill, with 420SC up to 5600n.m, which makes the drilling hole range wider and can be widely used in pit base anchor, heel pipe and large-hole twist drill pipe operation.
3. It is convenient to operate the double-speed rotary valve, which can meet the operation requirements of different torque and speed.
4. Standard assembled plunger motor, international engineering machinery walking track, more powerful climbing and more reliable quality.
5. Optional equipped with lever platform device.

 Applications Of ZGYX-420/425SC Bolting Rig:

ANBIT provides various types of rock bolting rigs for mining crushing applications in drilling aggregates such as rocks, concrete, bricks, etc.. with different mining conditions. Contact us for expert team in choosing the suitable bolting rigs to meet your needs.



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