ANBIT-2000 Reverse Circulation Automobile Drill Rig

ANBIT-2000 Reverse Circulation Automobile Drill Rig is suitable for the treatment of complex formations such as gravel, boulder, block stone, bedrock and old foundation construction. This type of drilling rig has large torque, large lifting force, strong power, simple operation, convenient and quick loading and unloading of drill pipes, and high efficiency.
Main Applications Of ANBIT-2000 Reverse Circulation Automobile Drill Rig:

The ANBIT-2000 reverse circulation automobile drill is applicable to:
Engineering construction such as high-rise buildings, Bridges, geological mine mouth, ports, DAMS and other foundation pile drilling

 Features Of ANBIT-2000 Reverse Circulation Automobile Drill Rig:

1. This machine adopts the vehicle-mounted self-propelled type, and the drill adopts the special chassis of jiangling sinotruk 6 x 4, with a wheelbase of 6.1 meters and a yuchai engine.
The power box, main transmission system, double hoist working group, mud pump, drilling tower, etc. are all installed on the car chassis.

2. This machine is a kind of reverse-circulation drill with mechanical headband pump designed and manufactured by our company.

The feature of this autonomous drilling rig is the power head type, to carry on the length, add drill pipe convenient, there is no need to add active drill pipe.

Power head pump top suction reverse-circulation mud drilling is conducive to improving drilling efficiency, with large diameter, high efficiency, strong ability, low construction cost, mature technology, reliable performance, simple operation, convenient use and maintenance, and low production cost. It is especially suitable for Wells and foundation piles in soil, sand, egg sand and soft rock.

The power head has two rotating speeds and can be used for drilling in different formations.
The structure of drill pipe is novel, and the lifting and unscrewing tools are unique. It is convenient and fast to connect and disassemble the drill pipe.

The portable drilling rig for water well has two kinds of assembly methods: caterpillar chassis and automobile bottom. The drill rig is shifted and put in position to facilitate the hydraulic lifting and landing drill tower. The operation is convenient and it saves time and effort.

3. The standard configuration of automated drilling rig is driven by diesel generator set, which can also be connected with external power supply to realize double power drilling operations.

4. The power head of drilling rig is the patented product of our factory, independently designed and manufactured, and enjoys intellectual property rights.

The main components of winch, gearbox, tower, chassis plant independent research and development and production.

This model has been developed by our factory for many years with stable and reliable performance, which has been well received by customers at home and abroad.

5. This type of drill has large torsion distance, large lifting force, strong power, simple operation, convenient and fast adding and unloading drill pipe and high efficiency, which is the best product for users.

Applications of ANBIT-2000 Reverse Circulation Automobile Drill Rig:

ANBIT provides a comprehensive selection of drilling and tools, and a complete set of water well drilling equipments which determining the best drilling position and water depth. borewell drilling rig offer a precision drilling service for water well, reduce costs, and handle all kinds of complex terrain.


Specification Of ANBIT-2000 Reverse Circulation Autonomous Drilling Rig
Main parameters
Drilling Diameter: (mm) 450-2200
Drilling Depth: (m) 50-300
Drill pipe Length: (m) 2
Drill pipe Diameter: (mm) Φ219
Drilling process: Mud Reverse Cycle
Rig Height: (m) 7.1
Power head Lift Speed: (M/s) 0.065
Power head Lifting Force: (t) 22
Power head Speed: (r/min) High 22 Low Speed 11
Main rolling single Rope lifting force: (KN) 35.75
Main rolling lift speed: (M/s) 0.39
Secondary variable speed motor: (KW) 11 17
Dimensions: (mm) Working Status 9600x3300x6910
Shipping Status 9600x2470x3350
Chassis Support form: Hydraulic
Landing Tower Mode: Hydraulic
Rig quality: (KG) 13000
Matching models (chassis) 2*4
Power Machine Type: Motor
Distribution Pump Group: Power Overhead suction Pump
Pump group Pressure: 3 4 5
Pump Group Flow: 400
Lift: (m) 1.5
Generator Set (KW) 120
Power: (KW) 30



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