ZGYX-455 Combined Drill Rig

ZGYX-455 adopts high quality steel, famous brand parts, strict production process, complete configuration and perfect function.
Product Advantages Of ZGYX-455 Combined Drill Rig:

1. Cab
Spacious, open-minded, ergonomic cab with emphasis on safety and front window protection fence.
2. Double cycloid motor
Rotation unit driven by double cycloid motor, the output torque is large, the failure rate is very low.
3. Disc Automatic lever changer
Disc automatic lever changer, can freely select the drill pipe, prolong the tool life.
Patented floating-type reel eliminates tubing deformation and extends service life.
4. feed beam
Cylinder wire rope propulsion, high propulsion control accuracy, smooth turning head operation, can drill various intermediate angle holes and horizontal foot hole.
5. Dust Removal device
Two level dust removal technology leading industry. Dust cleaning and filtering area is large, automatic continuous self cleaning dust removal. The filter element array can be easily disassembled and maintained with high efficiency; the integrated cover can slide up and down, and the opening can be clearly observed and controlled.
6. Powerful traction
Crawler type heavy-duty chassis, crawler frame hydraulic swing device swing frame.


Specification Of ZGYX-455 Combined Drill Rig
Suggest Hole range
Hole range φ138-165mm
Hammer 5″/6″
Rod changer
Diameter 89-102mm
Length 5M
Hole depth 35M
Hydraulic Rotation Head
Rotation speed 0-110rpm
Max. Rotation torque 4,310Nm
Rated power 287KW(385hp) @ 1,800rpm
Emission level Tier III
Fuel Tank
Capacity 600L
Air compressor
Max. Work pressure 24 Bar(348psi)
Displacement 20m3/min(706CFM)
Boom type High stength single straight boom
Feed Chain & cylinder
Total Length 9,100mm
Feed travel 5,600mm
Feed extension 1,300mm
Max. Feed speed 0.88m/s
Max. Feed force 34.5kN
Max. Pull up force 67.6kN
Max. Walk speed 3km/h
Max. Traction force 117.7kN
Gradient 30º(≧20º,Best use winch)
Track frame oscillation ±10º
Ground clearance 420mm
Dimension(No Option)about
Weight 23,000kg
W 2,500mm
L 11,280mm
H 3,500mm



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